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Men should pay attention to waist-arm health

Updated: Monday, Nov 23,2009, 3:14:18 PM
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Men want to be smooth process of sexual acts, and handy "play", normally pay attention to the waist, back, buck and arm of the health and motor function. Want to keep these parts of the motor function smooth and bet on the best and do more targeted help to those parts of the campaign, here's a simple soft stroke movement, and do more arm and back support would help improve power, normally in bed or on the ground will be can be. Men would like to maintain the "strength", it is best to do nightly pulls out a time a number of times (depending on number of times each different from physical), after a "bed activity" when they will not be powerless.

Prone stretch as far as possible face to the ground and stretch the body to lie down, arms straight forward, head slightly raised, arms and legs stretched forward as far as possible stretching back as far as possible, each stretching movements to maintain 10 to 15 seconds , and then slowly relax.

As the name suggests that the actions of the cat stretch pose is shaped like a cat-like stretching; first, arms stretched forward, palms touching the floor, and then pull back the body to sit above the knee to the hip contact with feet, feet to kneel like, affixed to knees , buttocks paste legs, try to stretch the arms, shoulders and back, stretching movements 10 to 15 seconds, then slowly relax, then repeat the entire movement.

Qu back pressure position similar to common handheld palm pressure difference is affixed to the knee. Arms, shoulders slightly outside the support of the ground, then bend your arms straight and palm pressure to do action. Note that the maintenance of the waist into a Microbend, each movement for 10 seconds, and then re-do the first time, but bear in mind that according to their abilities into it.

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