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Insomnia, depression to differential treatment

Updated: Monday, Nov 24,2014, 4:12:15 PM
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With the continuous increase of the pressure of survival, more and more people suffering from insomnia, depression, mental disorders. Especially in the hot summer, this phenomenon is more common, the eradication of the invisible killer that threaten human health has been crunch time! Insomnia depression sufferers treatment rate is low, largely due to low awareness rate caused by. 70% of the patients do not know whether they will suffer from depression at the beginning of the disease, a patient that is the ideological problems. Less than 10% of the patients know they are suffering from depression, only know that they have some degree of insomnia.

The main pathogenesis is the imbalance of yin and Yang, Qi and blood loss, mind dystrophy or mind is disturbed and restless sleep. Disease mainly in the heart, spleen, liver, kidney. Thus treatment with

In addition to the clinical syndrome of five large, the treatment of insomnia depression also need to pay attention to patients' psychological adjustment, make the patient relieve concerns, thought to relax, cooperate with the treatment, often can get good results. Clinical syndrome differentiation, Chen Lao also specially to medicine addition and subtraction with the disease.

The treatment of insomnia depression regulating yin and Yang is the key

Insomnia depression from pathological sense organs cold and heat of the points, but clinically are said to be "Yang not guiyin". In fact, if the symptoms should be strictly distinguish words, Yang will be pregnant not Guiyin heat, the general is the body heat.

A handful of insomnia group, if no body heat the symptoms, and to upset, tongue red card, reaction to water deficiency fire, called Heart kidney disharmony; lack of energy, easy to sleep after wake up, empty pulse less blood old people often is heart lienal two empty. The main syndrome in patients with different types of the main party, should also choose the medicine with the disease, both, will reach the excellent effect of treatment.

Exercise, eat vitamin can improve mood

Data show that about 38% of the insomnia patients with depression occur in summer. So how to cope with insomnia depression? Director Chen Lan reminds the public, first of all to make the necessary self psychological adjustment, take the initiative to adapt to the nature of the changes, "Hi, not to do".

In addition, eat rich in vitamin B and amino acids in food, such as grains, fish, green vegetables, eggs and so on, to get rid of insomnia, depression of great benefit.

For often accompanied by dizziness, palpitation, anorexia, insomnia, nightmares, listless, slow thinking, memory loss, suggest that a certain amount of daily exposure to sunlight or bright artificial light, can reduce the suicide of patients with depression.

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