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Influenza vaccination can prevent or take any measures to stop its spread

Updated: Wednesday, Sep 29,2010, 7:32:50 PM
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How can I prevent influenza?

      Influenza vaccination can prevent or take any measures to stop its spread.

      Influenza vaccine-preventable diseases and influenza death.

      This high-risk groups, including

                People aged 65 or above ah
                And the heart, lungs or kidneys, diabetes, anemia, immunosuppression, or severe chronic diseases ah
                Ø Pregnant women
                Ah people who live with or care for children under 6 months of age
                o health care and emergency services
                Between 6 months to 24 years old ah people with chronic health problems who
                Between the ages of 25-64 who is at higher risk of a new H1N1 due to chronic health problems or people with weakened immune systems ah
                Ø Children and adolescents who are long-term aspirin therapy and therefore may be developed, Reye syndrome risk of influenza virus infection

      In addition to practicing good personal health and hygiene can be effectively vaccinated against influenza

                o Do not touch eyes, nose and mouth
                Ø Wash hands frequently with soap and water
                Ø Cover your mouth and coughing and sneezing
                Ø avoid close contact with those who are sick; and stay at home, if you get sick.
                o Avoid spitting
                Ø Wear a mask, but for those who are caring for the sick

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