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Improve the metabolism of the ear massage

Updated: Thursday, Feb 27,2014, 8:28:56 PM
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The autonomic nervous system is closely related to mental anxiety and abnormal hormone secretion. So, stimulating the ear frequently is one of ways to warm the body.


Although a body massage is very important, massaging the ear regularly and gently also can get the same effect with the body massage. Then, let me introduce several simple movements of ear massage to regulate the autonomic nervous system so as to improve the metabolism.


Please try to do the exercise according to the essentials what we said:

 Two acupoints on the ear are Weidian (locate about on the center of the ear) and the Jidian (the front part of the acupoints of the ear). You can use toothpicks to extrude them slightly. It will be helpful to regulate the autonomic nerves and normal operation of the feeding center, and thus it will be easier to loosing weigh. For those who are apt to eat too much without noticing, you can apply the action of stimulating the ear acupoints so as to correct the habit of eating too much. You are strongly advised to have a try.

1. Rub both hands together till they are hot, and then cover the ears for about 20 times and move back and forth.


2. Put the thumb finger on the ear lobe, and the index finger into the ear, rotate your fingers in the ear hole back and forth for 20 times.


3. Knead gently with the thumb and index finger from the top of the ear to the ear lobe.


4. Move the lateral side of the ear to the forward side, pull the ear lobe gently.


5. Once again, massage the ear hole gently, the outer ear, ear lobe and the top of the cavity of the ear hole with the index finger.


Those who are apt to gaining weight are confronting a problem that their feeding center of the brain can hardly transmit the information “I’m full”, so that they eat continuously till too much. At this moment, you can stimulate the acupoints on the ear and that will be a good way to improve the habit of eating too much.


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