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How to properly effective prevention of cervical herniated disc

Updated: Sunday, Mar 23,2014, 8:20:35 PM
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I do not know that you noticed, in the day in which to live and work, when your legs are tired, I can sit or squat for a moment to rest his legs; When your arms tired, your arms defunct or on the sofa arm rest, you have to be to relieve fatigue quickly. But only your neck whether you sit, stand, squat, rows in working condition, before you go to sleep to the day, there is little opportunity to make you prostrate, to break the neck of a moment. This means that the person's neck at the time work status relative to other body parts for sport much longer, especially with the development of modern industry, technology and civilization, more and more indoor and mental, physical and sports reduced, but that did little neck of activity, both that you sit there and lectures, meetings, and even quietly thinking, the cervical muscles must work hard to do work in order to maintain the proper position of the head, so that you can concentrate on doing they have learned. If your job requires constant turned around, looked upward, then the workload of the neck is even greater. If you are then compared with the neck muscles of the thigh bone, arm musculoskeletal, you will find how weak neck is! Cervical have to continue being so small long work to maintain the position of the head, the need to ensure that human activities. These facts indicate a problem: the life and work after day after day, his neck is really too "hard", and thus more prone to fatigue and a problem too. If after a hard day, you do not give it a good support (pillows and bed) and postural rest at night, which is not worse, exacerbated by its strained and degraded it? Cervical seen as a machine in some parts, critical, smart and most easy to wear.

Arm pain from a cervical herniated disc is one of the more common cervical spine conditions. It usually develops in the 30 - 50 year old age group. Although a cervical herniated disc may originate from some sort of trauma or injury to the cervical spine, the symptoms commonly start spontaneously.

The arm pain from a cervical herniated disc results because the herniated disc material "pinches" or presses on a cervical nerve, causing pain to radiate along the nerve pathway down the arm. Along with the arm pain, numbness and tingling can be present down the arm and into the fingertips. Muscle weakness may also be present due to a cervical herniated disc.

The neck (cervical spine) structure is suited to the needs of the human body, in order to ensure the flexibility to accommodate the head of the activities of daily life and work needs to sit walk, cervical vertebra and complex lightweight structures, the neck muscles numerous but slender. This makes the cervical spine to become the largest section of the range of activities, both flexion back, left side bias and rotation, and can do all kinds of complex movements. At the same time, in order to protect the body's supreme command structure (of the brain inside the skull) security and communication open, not only to cervical head of the Order of the negative weight, cushioning walking, concussion of the brain when the bounce and other activities, but also to ensure that in its cross- conflict within the vertebral artery from oppression, in order to give adequate oxygen supply to the brain, while ensuring that its spinal cord and the nerves leading to the body's normal structure and function are not affected. This also makes the cervical spine become the most complex in structure, the most important section. The top two cervical vertebrae (atlantoaxial) with maximum rotation activities. Other cervical transverse process has a small hole on the two vertebral arteries from crossing on to the brain's supply of nutrients (blood and oxygen).

People know that the brain is the High Command of the body, the body must all activities by its conductor. The brain tissue transfer command (spinal cord and nerves) and had to be across from the cervical spine. Thus cervical neck injury will not only cause pain, but also due to the impact of the brain center for physically and sensory and motor command appears incontinence, paralysis of limbs, numbness and other symptoms remote. From these special anatomical structure, easy to understand how important cervical spine in people's lives and life is not difficult to understand why only occur after cervical sick localized symptoms, but will affect other parts of the body, including away Cervical feet and hands. Consider the complexity of the structure of the cervical spine, cervical lesions not difficult to understand the complexity and diversity. For example, the rear of the cervical spinal bone spurs to grow larger, it may be tight legs, difficulty walking, forming a cervical myelopathy. If you indulge in the rear side of the spur, the more likely the emergence of cervical nerve root stimulation finger numbness and other symptoms, the formation of nerve root type cervical spondylosis. If the cervical vertebral bone spurs on the long side of the vertebral artery is easy to stimulate the emergence of symptoms of dizziness next, and so on down soldier cervical vertebral artery disease. If cervical lesions affecting the sympathetic, can also cause symptoms of headache, dizziness, visual disturbances and heart palpitation and other sympathetic cervical disease. But pure rare type of cervical disease, the presence of two types of hybrid combined the most common type of cervical disease. How complicated it can be seen from cervical spondylosis, how widespread is the impact. Its impact on the life and work is obvious. So it seems only spurs can cause cervical spondylosis, but the reality is much more complex than this. The formation of bone spurs is a case of human aging compensatory self-protection, after middle age almost everyone will have different degrees of osteoarthritis, but most people do not have any feeling of discomfort, even if the camera can not see the diagnosis of osteoarthritis cervical spondylosis. Only when the lower cervical developed to the inability to compensate situation, the various components of the cervical spine to a series of pathological changes, such as thinning of cervical disc dehydration, cervical facet joint hypertrophy, loose instability, near ligament hypertrophy and carotid calcification wilt under a variety of changes in strain and weak muscles, bone hyperplasia will play a role in the pathogenesis. Pathological changes in the intervertebral disc above the cervical bones and joints, such as balance disorders is within the so-called cervical, and change the neck muscles ligaments and other soft tissue is called external imbalance. Under normal circumstances, internal and external balance, a hard and soft, complement each other, work together to maintain the normal function of the cervical spine. Both disorders are single or combined general reason of cervical disease occurred.

So, what factors led to this imbalance of cervical it? In addition to the beginning of this article when it comes to the cervical spine structure, function and other factors, with people still living habits, nature of work, changes in diet related. For example, scientific advances make it much less manual labor, but people sitting in front of computer in the office or desk at work, the work has not decreased cervical (actually a relative increase), but due to systemic activity decreased, affecting to exercise the neck musculoskeletal coordination, so that they become relatively weaker, more strained. The first is the impact strength, in due time they pass under a single posture work wilt strain becomes weak and weak, unable to maintain the balance of good and stable (normal alignment of the cervical vertebrae, weight and activity), it will cause cervical physiological change the curve, changing the cervical facet joint disorders and cervical weight mechanics. This poor mechanical change has increased the burden of cervical muscles, cervical exacerbate the imbalance, the two influence each other, forming a vicious cycle. Reduce irrational diet, drug abuse people's movement (particularly steroids), the formation of bone mineral density reduction and reduce the body of calcium. This forms the basis of the internal cervical bone degradation. New research suggests; autoimmune changed cervical disc organizations also play an important role. These indicate that the causes of cervical disease is multifaceted, comprehensive in nature.

Know these things and then not difficult to understand how to go about prevention of cervical disease. From the treatment side, the surface is a doctor thing, but in fact, for most patients, the cervical spine, the more self-critical to patient treatment and prevention. Specifically how to do it?

1. First, if you have neck soreness, pain, tingling fingers, dizziness, nausea, heart palpitation, tight legs, difficulty walking, even when Curan fall and other symptoms, to timely treatment, so the doctor had to check whether cervical spondylosis. Early and timely treatment is very important, not only the effect of the delay on the treatment difference, it will bring irreparable damage. For example, early treatment of nerve root type cervical spondylosis may prevent the formation of muscle atrophy; timely treatment of carotid artery type of cervical disease can prevent sudden onset and died down, resulting in a terrible accident. Early detection and treatment of cervical myelopathy, non-surgical treatment may be used to control the disease, to avoid a larger surgery. The emphasis here is the importance of early diagnosis and timely treatment.

2. Secondly, cervical disease is already present in a common disease. Attitude in dealing with the disease, to prevent both. One is a some patients had cervical spondylosis, it greatly panic, fear can cause paralysis. In fact, the proportion accounted for cervical myelopathy few (about 10%), of which the development of fewer cases of paralysis, the key is early detection and early treatment. Another tendency is indifference, not enough emphasis on treatment, his condition improved a little one on, stop the treatment, often resulting in the onset of symptoms gradually worsened. To this end, with particular emphasis on the importance of adherence to treatment, not cure that go undone.

3. Because both the balance of cervical disease (cervical bones, joints, intervertebral discs, etc.) structural degeneration, proliferation, dislocation, pathological changes, such as inflammation and autoimmune reactions, but also the neck muscles, ligaments endures balance disorders. In the treatment to be taking into account, both inside and outside Tongzhi. Specifically, to an integrated treatment. Practice has proved less effective monotherapy. Common treatment methods are physiotherapy, massage, closed, traction, drugs and surgery, each treatment effect for each person is different, and effective treatment for a pair B is often invalid. So, pay attention to try to find their most effective way. A typical example is: traction works well for some people, while others become ineffective after traction, but more uncomfortable. Ningxin Tang Chinese Medicine Museum orthopedic, long engaged in the research and treatment of cervical disease, made a number of research results in the areas of traditional Chinese medicine treatment of cervical disease, which greatly improved the treatment of cervical disease.

4. On the surface, neck and cervical disease is localized lesions, but in fact, it is a systemic disease of local reactions. On prevention and treatment, we must proceed from the body. Usually to increase some physical activity, improve overall fitness level. In the diet, pay attention to a reasonable, add some getting rich in calcium and bone, liver and kidney nourishing food. For example, yams, Gui Yuan, black sesame seeds, papaya, pork ribs. From the Chinese medical point of view and research results in recent years, by nourishing the liver and kidney, sinews and bones can play a slow degeneration, inhibition of proliferation and the role of longevity.

5. Always pay attention to cervical posture and exercise. For those who have long been engaged bow work, for example, accountants, secretaries, editors, writers, draftsmen, computer personnel, one should pay attention to their posture and height adjustment of tables and chairs, two lasting too long to avoid work lead to cervical strain. Effective way to increase workers between exercises, and every 60 minutes after work, stop for a moment, his hands folded behind his neck to hold on, hold on to pull the neck forward while actively extending the neck backwards, with hands clasped in front force against force, even for 30-50 times to exercise the neck muscles, increase the stability of external balance. Some people even include some "Qigong Master" and other non-medical professionals so that patients do exercise substantial ring turn of the head, feeling comfortable after temporary though some do, but doing so is unreasonable, even harmful. Like a machine bearing, after a long operation has caused serious wear and tear, if we adopt excessively, greatly cervical rotation and other improper form of exercise, can only increase the degree of wear of the cervical spine, more harm than good. After this workout feel comfortable is short, it brings damage is permanent. For complex human cervical spine, the more wear and instability caused by cervical spine, and even cause dizziness, back and other serious complications and death. Similarly, not every case of cervical spondylosis are suitable for massage or repeatedly to move, rotate the neck to treat some patients may thus "addiction" or habit forming cervical dislocation, cure fast, too bad fast. In addition, cervical myelopathy patients more carefully, improper practices carry serious consequences, such as spinal cord compression and sprains. There are reports when such complications should pay serious attention.

6. There is a normal cervical physiological curvature of forward bending. When cervical hard day, sleep at night to maintain the physiological bending, not only is the basic condition to protect the neck muscles enough rest, but also one of the key factors in the prevention and treatment of cervical strain. If you calculate what will be surprised that a person's life in which about one-third of the time is spent in sleep, which determines the degree of importance of proper sleeping position and pillows. More and more studies to prove this point, a wide variety of pillow on the market, but also indirectly proves this point. A suitable pillow not only helps to prevent cervical strain, but also one of the effective ways to treat cervical disease.

With the development of science, human understanding of cervical disease will become increasingly acute, cervical spondylosis prevent or delay the occurrence is entirely possible. Once had cervical spondylosis, as long as perseverance proper treatment, the effect is quite satisfactory. But you have to remember that a cheerful heart and a strong belief that the first condition is the most effective treatment, all other therapies have a role in this context. In contrast, depression of appetite, often inhibits muscle activity, resulting in muscle tension and stiffness, the outcome is to increase the burden of the cervical spine and pain and discomfort. The purpose of this paper is only one: I wish you health and happiness or liberation from suffering an early cervical disease out and enjoy the good life.

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