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How to care for your hair

Updated: Monday, Jan 03,2011, 7:48:15 PM
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• Right diet- our hair needed the right nourishment to support its needs, and to make sure that the hair remains healthy and glowing. The main nutrient that the hair needed is protein. Protein can be found in meat and some dairy products. The hair also needed a fair share of calcium in our diet, calcium as we all know, can be best found in milk.

• Right Hair Care- if you are the type who regularly changes her hair duo or hair color, you have to consider that your hair needed some rest too. Choose your product wisely; I would suggest that you pay a visit to your dermatologist first before using any product. Also, prevent braiding your hair or using bans and pony, the best solution will be having an easy hairstyle that will not cause you to heavily tie your hair on a regular basis.

 • Having enough sleep is also a must- Do not compromise your sleep, irregularity with sleep pattern will not only make your hair dull, but it will also make you look stressed and old.

• Stop Unhealthy Habits! - do I have to tell you this? I mean common, alcohol and smoking will make you look wasted and dirty, and it will drastically change your physical appearance for worse! That’s for sure.

 • Finally, as what I have mentioned in my last post, some hair loss are caused by genetic traits, if it’s the case the above solutions will not work, however there is a hair loss treatment product that I would like for you to check and study it very carefully, it passed my qualification as an expert, but I always always tell my client to research it themselves.

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