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Hearing Protection

Updated: Monday, Nov 09,2009, 2:41:31 PM
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World Health Organization announced that at least 1 / 2 of hearing impairment can be prevented. Therefore, hearing protection is mainly about prevention:

Choose environment: as far as possible in a quiet environment to enjoy music. Has been testing has shown that in a quiet environment, most of the headphone output of sound is almost the same, once the external environment becomes noisy, headphone output results will be subject to different degrees of disturbance. As the movement of inner ear blood supply instability, it is best not to exercise to listen to MP3 or mobile phone.

Control the volume: listening to MP3 or use phone at the time of the volume transferred to 40-50 decibels, you can achieve the degree of clarity should not exceed the maximum volume of 60% or more (MP3 maximum volume of 100 dB).

Control Time: wearing any headset, even if the volume appropriate, nor sustainable for too long, but can not sleep wearing headphones. Too intense music, listening to 1 hour or so you should take a break; to listen to a CD, the length should be a break for 15 minutes; light music, pop music can be slower about 100 minutes of rest. In addition, the use of mobile phones shortest possible time. Experts The study showed the use of mobile phones within 10 minutes, and hearing no major change, therefore, we propose: the use of mobile phones each time control in 10 minutes.

Select ear: from Bengdi strongly against rock music, firecrackers, drums and other noisy environment, choose the ear or sponge earplugs to protect hearing. Including the re-use and disposable ear plugs are two kinds of a good hearing protection products should possess the following characteristics: ① the secret together with the better ear; ② can effectively filter the noise; ③ to wear when you feel comfortable; ④ easy to use.

Pull over long distances: the use of mobile phones, try to put the phone away from ear position, to reduce side effects caused due to electromagnetic waves.

Replacement Headset: Using MP3 plug-in to avoid wearing headphones, as we choose headphones. If the purchase of plug-in headphones, it is best to buy high-quality products.

Regular examination: include player quality, especially sound quality, volume of checks, and personal hearing testing. If there is dizziness, earache, tinnitus, hearing loss and other symptoms, make timely otology examination.

Early treatment: use of low molecular weight dextran, vitamin B1, B12, Salvia and other drugs, can improve blood circulation and promote neurotrophic metabolism, if necessary, can also be used hyperbaric oxygen therapy.


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