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Five symptoms of cardiovascular disease alert

Updated: Wednesday, Feb 19,2014, 9:57:53 PM
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Cardiovascular diseases, diseases of the circulatory system is also known , is a series of diseases related to the circulatory system , circulatory system refers to the organs and tissues of the human body blood delivery , including the heart, blood vessels ( arteries , veins, capillaries ) , can be subdivided into acute and chronic , usually with atherosclerosis . These diseases have similar causes, and treatment of the disease process . With the development of China's economic level, people's living standards improve , structural changes in diet , and the rapidly aging population , the rapid rise in the incidence of cardiovascular disease and mortality , increased rapidly to become the world 's countries, more than many developed countries .

We know that cardiovascular disease is due to heart and vascular disease caused by a range of diseases , including heart disease , hypertension, hyperlipidemia, and so on. High incidence of cardiovascular disease , high morbidity , high mortality, recurrence rate, complications, extremely serious health hazard . Experts concluded that the following five symptoms appear , be wary of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases:

1, hair loss :

Young male head hair loss, increased risk of heart disease . Studies have confirmed that , compared with those bushy hair , head hair reduction , increased risk of heart disease by 23% , while the male pattern baldness increased risk of heart disease by 36%. Studies suggest that men with androgen- related hair loss , which may be associated with atherosclerosis hormone , so bald men , we must pay attention to heart health.

2 , lower extremity edema occurs can not be eliminated :

Finger pressing the ankle or calf , after you release your finger pressed parts was a depression , and often can not be restored immediately , known as " depressed edema ." When the heart is not working properly , the body can not effectively complete blood circulation , due to gravity, fluid retention in the lower extremities are at this time is often accompanied by some other symptoms of heart failure , such as frequent urination , decreased urine output , weight gain , night cough, this edema also known as " cardiogenic edema ." It first appeared in the lower extremities , especially the ankle , then gradually developed into the body, this happens to hurry to check.

3 , recurrent pain, periodontal disease :

Swollen gums , bleeding is a sign of poor oral health , but also a sign of heart disease . Periodontal disease and heart disease are closely related to maintaining oral hygiene , periodontal health protection can reduce the risk of heart disease .

4 , yellow skin lipoma :

Yellow lipoma is a fatty deposition disease, the main damage to the skin. When the skin , especially near the eyes appear yellow , orange nodules, papules or plaques time , you should consider whether it is yellow lipoma. These people tend to have lipid metabolism, also increased the risk of heart disease , so pay attention to their lipid levels detected in time , the lipid transferred to the normal range.

5 , cataract :

Studies have shown that cataract patients at increased risk of heart disease , although the exact mechanism is not very clear , but undoubtedly more cataract patients should protect good heart.

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