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Female sexual dysfunction

Updated: Monday, Nov 09,2009, 2:48:16 PM
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Female sexual dysfunction in eight categories

According to the 2004 international definition of functional association of female sexual dysfunction can be divided into the following categories:

Women's sexual interest / desire disorder, namely, the absence of sexual interest or desire or decreased, there is no response to sexual fantasies or sexual desire. Arouse subjective obstacles to sexual pleasure of sexual excitement and a lack of feeling, or feeling significantly diminished. Genital arousal disorder, genital arousal, or arousal has not weakened, more performance for the lower degree of vaginal lubrication, genital touching lack of sex drive. Persistent arousal, often inexplicably appeared spontaneous, unwanted, and unwanted genital arousal (eg tingling, twitching, pulsating). Female orgasmic disorder, it is the most common sexual dysfunction, approximately 25% of the women are there to this problem is that women can not experience orgasm, or orgasm intensity significantly decreased, the response to various stimuli delayed . Sexual difficulties and vaginismus, the former manifested as severe pain during sex, the latter mainly refers to the penis, fingers, etc. any object into the vagina is difficult, there is the daunting variety of non-inhibition of pelvic floor muscle contraction. Sexual aversion, sexual life showed extreme anxiety, disgust, is a complex psychological problems. In addition, genital arousal disorders can also be combined to arouse the subjectivity barrier.

Psychological factors is the biggest enemy of

Leading causes of female sexual dysfunction can be divided into a living rational and psychological in nature, such as endocrine disease, diabetes and pelvic disease, may result in female genital arousal disorders.

Psychological factors also impede women's Flirt the greatest enemy, is the most deep-rooted reasons. Family relations, economic pressure, work flow, and to take care of their children and other caused by fatigue and frustration are likely to touch on women's sexuality missing valve.

In addition, the issue between husband and wife are mutually related. ED and other issues arise if the husband, the wife of a result of prolonged lack of sexual satisfaction, while the slowly exclude or refuse sex. This will in turn influence their husbands, and allowed him to himself, lost confidence in sexual life, or even abandon orthodox treatments. This vicious circle of the final result is very likely that one or both parties to have sexual dysfunction. "Flirt" with them from isolation.

Should set up a "women's medicine" sections

At present, there are about 40 million women in the United States there is sexual dysfunction, the United Kingdom at least half of women have experienced ongoing for more than a month of sexual dysfunction. In China, the specific number of female patients is not known. There are many reasons, one is more risk factors, statistics up and more complex, on the other hand a lot of Obstetrics and Gynecology, psychological, medical practitioners do not recognize this problem. It is our understanding of the gaps, making treatment of female sexual dysfunction has become a vacuum.

Today, more and more to improve quality of life in the sexes modern attention. 10 years ago, a lot of three A-level hospitals have opened the men's out-patient clinics to address the men's "hiding something." May be women facing the same problems, but do not know where to ask. Female sexual dysfunction related to endocrine, psychological, emotional, some organic disease, etc., in particular about the treatment of couples with the patient-wen, psychological adjustment and complementary medicine, not just gynecological or psychological subjects will be able to resolve.

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