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Excessive drinking prone to cause cancer

Updated: Thursday, Mar 06,2014, 2:55:44 PM
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Moderate alcohol consumption has been shown to exist on the potential health benefits , especially for people who suffer from cardiovascular problems , at dinner with family and friends, enjoy a glass or two glasses of wine , really good choice , of course , to strictly control the amount of drinking .

However, for most people, the negative effect of alcohol or relatively popular, they repeatedly argue the pros and cons of drinking , researchers at Harvard School of Public Health , said , now we are going to tell you that alcohol on women advantages and disadvantages .

High-income women more alcohol

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that currently there are about 14 million women nationwide monthly booze three times, each time drinking an average of 6 cups . For women, alcoholism is defined as a drinking four or more cups of alcoholic beverages.

The higher the income the more likely women alcoholics , women aged 18-34 , the annual income of the middle class in more than $ 75,000 were more likely to binge drinking .

CDC believes that female alcoholics will pose serious health risks, including accidental injury , alcoholism, liver disease and stroke , and so on .

Women's alcohol tolerance is worse

More women than men in poor tolerance to alcohol , probably because of the effects of estrogen , so alcohol is more likely to cause liver problems , it may be because of differences in male and female stomach enzymes. In addition , the U.S. National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) also pointed out that the water contained within the female body less than men. That is, if the same weight men and women drink the same amount of alcohol, women may have a higher blood alcohol concentration , because her body can be diluted with water less alcohol .

Thus , women are more likely to take risks than men to bring drinking , such as liver disease , heart disease and breast cancer, as well as alcohol dependence . "Low -risk" drinking limits defined by NIAAA , women no more than 3 cups per week, no more than seven cups ; while men are no more than 14 drinks per week and no more than four cups a day .

Women also want to get rid of alcohol dependence

According to the Huffington Post , a new study released earlier reports that after drinking for more than 500 men and women found that found that after drinking, women tend to seek help earlier than men 4-5 years.

As to why it is so , does not have a clear explanation , however , researchers at Stanford University published the report of the Rosemary Fama speculated that may be because women are more care stigma of alcoholism than men , so they are more likely to accept help .

Women drinking during pregnancy is safe

In Emily Oster 's new book, " expect better : Why pregnant conventional wisdom is wrong , and you really need to know " (Expecting Better: Why the Conventional Pregnancy Wisdom Is Wrong and What You really Need To Know) , and for many women and doctors have been held belief - the absolute prohibition of drinking during pregnancy , questioned.

The economist after she was pregnant , through the existing scientific literature analyzed that occasionally drinking during pregnancy does not pose any threat . Because the intake of alcohol during pregnancy has been proven experts to be safe, but there is no clear definition of the measure , which is why most people would suggest simply not drink .

Women drinking more lethal carcinogen

The American Cancer Society (ACS) warned women , alcohol will increase the risk of breast cancer , the more alcohol consumed , the greater the risk . ACS explained that if women only drink one glass of wine a day , the increased risk is almost negligible , but if you drink five cups a day , the risk of breast cancer than non- drinkers increased by almost 50%.

A German study published last year that women are twice as deadly due to alcohol dependence men . In the survey carried out on women aged 18-64 found that alcohol-dependent women died four times the population is non- addictive , while men only 1 times .

Of course , alcohol is not the sole cause of disease and risk factors for death , was kind enough to lifestyle and genes.

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