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Do you know how much male physical health knowledge?

Updated: Friday, Mar 29,2013, 2:32:28 PM
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First, pay attention to the "signal" issued by the chest, you must go to check if you have chest pain. Men sometimes have chest pain after the physical work or exercise,chest pain usually stops after a short break, you don’t have to nervous. But it may be early symptoms of heart disease, you'd better go to the hospital to check. Maybe you don't have any problem, but make a definite diagnosis can make you feel secure.

Second, do not forget the threat of high blood pressure, hypertension poses a great threat to your heart, and hypertension is often the cause of a heart attack or stroke. Therefore, men should regularly measure their blood pressure, men who had high blood pressure had to take medicine according to doctor's advice.

Third, mind your testicles, men are susceptible to the tumor between 20 to 40 years old, andtesticular cancer is one of them. If it is found in time, the cure rate of testicular cancer is 85%, otherwise the treatment is pretty difficult. Men can frequently check their genitals, preferably after washing with warm water bath when the skin becomes soft. If the skin muster small disputes of the packet, should immediately go to hospital to have a check.

Forth, concern about the mole on your body. If no increase or bleeding, mole does not have any danger itself. But many men do not care about their skin, this bad habit must be changed. Regularly pay attention to observe whether your mole is normal or not, so to avoid serious consequences for the malignant mole.

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