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Diabetes causes micturition obstacles

Updated: Saturday, Mar 01,2014, 10:16:26 PM
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Voiding dysfunction caused by diabetes , also known as " diabetic bladder " disease , its symptoms mainly as abdominal swelling , urgency, frequent urination , urine dripping prolonged urination , weak urinary stream , alternating with the interrupt urination symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia resembles early or elderly incontinence. In addition to diabetes can cause cardiovascular disease , but also the kidneys and nervous system have also been damaged. Urinary bladder detrusor and sphincter activity is autonomic sympathetic and parasympathetic . When suffering from diabetes, autonomic dysfunction, or bladder detrusor sphincter dysfunction or function occurs uncoordinated voiding process can not be normal, leading to urinary retention. At this time , the patient 's urine was not called by normal micturition reflex , but a spill urine. Therefore, although the number of urination much, but decreased urine output , over time , the more the greater the inflation bladder , even like abdominal tumors . In recent years, clinical findings in patients with diabetes , the complications are not uncommon, should arouse our attention.

1 diabetes patients have different degrees : Although bladder disease is diabetic complications of diabetes , but it is not parallel to the severity of diabetes . Some clinical latent diabetes patients also found no symptoms of diabetes , appeared voiding dysfunction, so it is easily misdiagnosed .

2 diabetic bladder disease clinical three types : ( 1 ) the bladder detrusor muscle weakness caused by urinary retention , manifested as abdominal swelling , there is no discharge of urine , bladder residual urine volume up to several hundred milliliter ( normal is 50 ml or less ) , much like an enlarged prostate difficulty urinating ; ( 2 ) cause bladder sphincter incontinence , manifested as urgency, frequent urination , urine dripping , much like the early prostatic hyperplasia or senile incontinence ; ( 3 ) of the bladder to force voiding dysfunction and urinary sphincter muscle caused by lack of coordination , mainly for prolonged urination , urination and interrupt alternating.

(3) should be other than prostate disease : older men before the diagnosis of diabetic bladder disease, we must exclude voiding dysfunction caused by prostate disease . Usually by DRE and B- to make a differential diagnosis. Moment when judgment is unclear, can be distinguished by experimental treatment . Measures to enable the treatment of diabetes diabetic bladder disease symptoms improved markedly , while voiding dysfunction prostate disease caused no effect.

4 . Diabetic bladder disease through treatment, symptoms can be alleviated or disappear. The most effective treatment methods include : ( 1 ) establish confidence, as long as relentlessly aggressive treatment , will be able to obtain satisfactory results. ( 2 ) a reasonable diet, reduce carbohydrate intake , increased intake of protein , fat. Eating more sugar and rich in protein, fiber , whole grains and strong satiety . ( 3 ) active physical exercise , enhance physical fitness , in order to prevent infection. ( 4 ) glucose control . ( 5 ) improve autonomic function taking certain medications , the symptoms can be reversed. But if not continue to control diabetes , urinary disorders and diabetes are also associated with relapse relapse .

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