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Dermatologist tells you: how to remove stretch marks?

Updated: Thursday, Mar 06,2014, 2:51:40 PM
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For most women who had given birth , stretch marks are inevitable troubles, 3-6 months of pregnancy , more than 70 % of pregnant women belly skin will appear pink or purple irregular longitudinal cracks in the production gradually faded silvery stretch marks , stretch marks once produced will not disappear , but if prenatal strengthen maintenance, to avoid excessive weight gain , you can greatly reduce the chances of stretch marks .

Unmarried women in general, is not going to stretch marks , but obesity , sudden weight gain , or by adolescent hormones, some women will give birth in the absence of stretch marks stretch marks appear similar , and even some pathological factors , such as adrenal insufficiency , large ovarian tumor , a large ascites , etc., are also likely to be similar striae .

According to foreign survey, in the 10-16 year-old girls , 70% may be shrinking pattern, not fat girls , there are 35% of people will appear stretch marks .

To help women understand the root causes of stretch marks , cosmetic dermatologist , Oscar Hevia (Oscar Hevia) Dr. will tell us what causes stretch marks and how to prevent its occurrence , and how they appear once the treatment.

In the end is what causes stretch marks ?

Dr. He Weiya said the exact cause remains a mystery , but researchers suspect that is the main cause of skin stretched over stretch marks , there are certain hormones under conditions, such as pregnancy, puberty or weight fluctuations can also make some people Stretch marks , such as stretch marks .

During pregnancy, the secretion of adrenal glucocorticoids increases, reduced skin elasticity will tear the elastic fibers become brittle resulting in the increased occurrence of tension , while the local thinning of skin atrophy , dermal capillaries and veins inside wall also expansion, thinning, the color of blood is easy to exposed, so the stretch marks are usually pink or purple.

Dr. He Weiya said that under the conditions of the above hormones , stretch marks can be avoided and reduced , but for some people are particularly prone to stretch marks , it is impossible to completely prevent stretch marks . And , stretch marks , once produced, without any treatment can make them disappear .

Is a stretch mark scars from the inside out essentially , whether the legs or abdomen, stretch marks, which improve the methods are the same, including laser , olive oil, vitamin A acid and silicone gel , and so on . A recent study suggested that the use of topical silicone gel for local improvements.

Also , pay attention to a balanced diet , weight control growth , attention to exercise , enhance skin elasticity. Be sure to use care athletic pregnancy to prevent excessive burden on the abdomen of gravity , slowing skin overstretching .

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