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Updated: Thursday, Feb 27,2014, 8:32:51 PM
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The Best Time for Losing Weight

It is best time to lose weight 45 minutes after meals and having a walk up to 1,600m in 20 minutes is regarded as the most helpful to lose weight, while it is more effective if doing exercise for 2 hours, together with having a walk for 20 minutes.

The Best Time for Having bath

Before sleeping at night, having a warm bath make systemic muscle and joint flabby and accelerate blood circulation, so it is helpful to have a deep sleep.

The Best Time for Eating Fruits

Having fruits one hour before meals is most beneficial to health as fruits are foods that can be eaten rawly. And the white cells in the body would not increase if people eat raw foods before cooked foods, which is helpful for protecting the immune system and strengthening the ability to prevent diseases. But this kind of protection would not occur by eating fruits after meals. Besides, the fructose contained in fruits can not be absorbed by the intestines when people eat fruits after meals, thus, it would ferment in the stomach, causing uncomfortable feelings such as abdominal distension and diarrhea, etc. Therefore, it is better to eat fruits about one hour after meals.

 The Best Time for Drinking Water

The best time for drinking water is after getting up in the morning. Drinking a cup of water with an empty stomach in the morning can supply the moisture consumed in the night. It is quite good for preventing diseases such as high blood pressure and cerebral thrombosis.


The Best Time for Taking Exercise

It is best to take exercise in the evening. The reason is that all human activities are influenced by biological clock, no matter the adjusting ability or the playing of physical strength, afternoon and evening are the best times for those activities. But it is converse in the morning when blood pressure and heart rate are obviously higher than that in the evening, which may pose threat to people's health.


The Best Time for Going to Bed

 The best time for noontime snooze is one hour after lunch as the body is dull at that time and it is easy for people to fall asleep. Meanwhile, the period between 10-11pm is the best time for sleeping in the evening because deep sleep often occur between 12 pm at the midnight and 3 am in the morning and it often take about one and half hour for people to fall into deep sleep. As for the sleeping hours , it's best to get eight to nine hours of sleep everyday.


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