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Cervical herniated disc effectively self treatment

Updated: Sunday, Mar 23,2014, 8:38:29 PM
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How self-treatment of cervical herniated disc ? For people to work long hours every day has been a posture of cervical disease is most likely suffering from a disease . Now many workers will be subject to cervical disc injury, not treated aggravate symptoms of cervical herniated disc . Suffering from cervical herniated disc rely on daily care to relieve pain , to introduce the following methods of self-treatment of cervical herniated disc .

cervical herniated disc often high-risk groups should be careful not to make a " bow family" , there should be more time conscious lift up your head, do give the first movement, helps eliminate neck fatigue caused by long bow because . For the first action coincides with the bow action contrary, there is a soothing effect on the cervical spine , but also allows tension to get moderate cervical lax .

How self-treatment of cervical disease , idle time can be self- soothing massage , the easiest way is to lift his right hand , bend the thumb , index finger , middle finger, ring finger , little finger flexion , and then top to bottom, from light to heavy in the right just the right side of the neck 3 to 5 times ; hands on the left side of the neck and then perform the same massage. The right amount of massage can make is to relax tight muscles , ease the soreness .

How self-treatment of cervical disease , do not use a pillow when sleeping , lying in bed, you can also make cervical effectively relieve . Every night before falling asleep conducted one to two hours without a pillow supine, not only helps to prevent the occurrence of cervical disease , for those who are just suffering from cervical herniated disc is more a therapeutic effect . But note that time not too long , otherwise equally easy to injure cervical health.

How self-treatment of cervical herniated disc ? " M word fuck" is a simple soothing movement of the neck , the method is very simple, according to the head of the slow sequential write write " m" word in the air , or head directly to do around the sport , clockwise rotation of the circle , then turn around and then counterclockwise to . Appropriate to allow the neck to do exercise, not only allows the neck muscles to relax , but also can play a role in speeding up the blood running , tendon restoration, loosen adhesions , relieve spasms . But note that if you have dizziness , nausea , vomiting and other symptoms do not recommend choosing this method of health care .

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