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Bronchial asthma preventive care

Updated: Monday, Nov 09,2009, 4:16:12 PM
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Latest survey shows that the world's 1.5 million people were diagnosed with asthma patients. In the past decade, cases have increased more than three times each year hundreds of thousands of people die from the disease.

There are about 25 million Chinese people suffering from asthma, asthma has become China's second largest respiratory disease. Among them, children and the elderly the incidence rates were 2% ~ 3%, 1%. Therefore, to do bronchitis, asthma care, improving the quality of life in patients with bronchial asthma and prolong the lives of patients have a very important significance.

1, dietary guidance in patients with bronchial asthma should be into the light liquid diet food, especially in the exacerbation of asthma, water requirements increase, pay attention to add water to avoid shortage of sputum viscous and difficult to cough, obstruction of respiratory tract and the aggravation of asthma . Asthma not eat according to the characteristics of each set. Infants and young children should be vigilant against the opposite sex protein, the elderly should produce sputum eat food such as eggs, fatty meat, peanuts and greasy can not digest food. In addition to not eat certain to be outside of food allergies or asthma, should avoid other food taboos to avoid missing the proper nutritional balance. Should eat less flatulence or difficult to digest foods such as beans, taro, sweet potato and so on, to avoid the oppression of the chest and the abdominal distension increased difficulty breathing.

had a clear onset of asthma syndromes are cold or hot breath breathe, no consumption of the opposite sex taste of food. If the hot breath and can not eat hot foods, such as mutton, goose, leeks, ginger, Guangxi, pepper and other spicy things, but on the greed side eat cold food, such as horses, blue head, celery, raw pears, Chinese water chestnut and so on. Spinach, Mao Bamboo and so on should eat less.

         Similarly, the initial type of food consumed had no effect, but again, when consumed may cause asthma. After repeated experience, if the patient does a certain food allergies, you should try to avoid eating. Wheat, eggs, milk, meat, tomatoes, chocolate, fresh fish, shrimp, crab and so may cause asthma, consumption should be addressed.

2, the living environment in patients with bronchial asthma living room should always open the window to keep the air circulation and dry. Due to indoor dust invisible to the naked eye there is a bug, called "mites." It is the cause of some of the culprits of asthma. This bug in wet weather can be a large number of breeding. When the indoor temperature dropped to 50% less than when it can not be a large number of breeds. Inconvenience should be washed in ordinary objects around the house often to get under the sun, or drying yard to the mites Shaisi. House furnishings should be as simple as possible in order to reduce dust, eliminate breeding ground for mites. Indoor hasty carpets, cleaning the house with the vacuum cleaner and a damp cloth to avoid dust. Do not smoke indoors, do not cats, dogs, birds and other animals, do not plant flowers, because some pollen allergens, induced asthma attacks. Sheets, blankets, clothing should be hard to replace, clean, wash to remove as far as possible allergens. No silk and fur for bedding. Indoor toys can be placed fur do.

Asthma underwear pure cotton fabric as appropriate, require smooth, soft and smooth. Should avoid wearing synthetic fibers or stained with a dark-colored dye clothing and fur clothing. Clothes should not be too tight, the collar also should pay attention to liberal. Summer and fall seasons, wear shirts and trousers next to the skin, generally should not choose the medium-and long fibers such as wool, this "Velvet" feeling, for some people with asthma may also be a predisposing factor.

3, psychological guidance of mental stress in patients with bronchial asthma, psychological pressure, severe mood changes or fluctuations can become an incentive attack. Therefore, in patients with bronchial asthma to keep their minds at ease, the correct treatment of their disease, a correct attitude toward life and frustration and unhappiness, so as not to aggravate disease.

4, cold and physical training designed to make people adapt to cold stimulation. People with asthma should be seen in the summer of carrying out the exercise began, with cold hands, face, and rub the nose. Physical conditions permit, in the summer can also brush with cold water. These training activities, and gradually adapt to the cold, and only insisted on to receive significant results.

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