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Benefits of Vitamins for the human body

Updated: Saturday, Mar 01,2014, 9:22:23 PM
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Vitamin plays a important role for our health. So, we should complement vitamin to prevent spring fever and keep a good health.

Even we usually ignore vitamins in the foods because of busy work, we should supplement some multi-vitamin to ensure balance level of vitamins. If doctor prescribe medicine list of vitamins, we can supplement vitamin ABCDE pertinently. If not, multi-vitamins can meet all needs of our body.
 Folate and Ferrum

25 to 40 years old females should absorb at least 50% vitamin and folate in their breakfast, especially the vitamin C and Ferrum. Meat, organs, millet and fennel can satisfy people’s daily need of 10-18 milligrams. People can absorb VitaminB from meat, fish, liver, whole-wheat bread, potatoes, peanuts etc.
Vitamin Deficiency

When lack of vitamin in spring, people are easy to suffer from gastrointestinal infections, which will reduce absorptive capacity of vitamin and various nutrients, causing a vicious circle. Respiratory infection is more popular in spring because of reducing of immunity and lacking of vitamins. So, the best method is to intake vitamin from vegetables and fruits directly.
Retain the vitamin in vegetable

Though fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamin, inappropriate ways of cooking would lead to vitamins loss. So, the following methods will help us how to retain the vitamin in fruits better. Don’t chop up the vegetables finely. Don’t boil the vegetables in cold water. Don’t pare the vegetables that don't need to be pared. These ways can retain more vitamins and other minerals in vegetables.
 Adjust the diet structure

Generally speaking, the ability of absorbing vitamin of our bodies is inversely proportional to our age. It also means this ability will decrease with increasing of age. One of the most effective ways is to adjust the diet structure and improve the meal quality, by all means to avoid partial eclipse and particular with food, scientific collocate the proportion of protein, fat and carbohydrate. Generally, in the three meals daily, carbohydrate insufficient would lead to lacking of vitamin B1 and fat insufficient would lead to lacking of vitamin A
 Supplementing vitamin C
It is a good method to prevent respiratory diseases by taking large doses of Vitamin C every day in order to enhance our body’s immunity. A great number of foreign and domestic clinical studies confirm: as one of the 13 kinds of vitamins in human health, vitamin C can maintain the integrity of skin mucous membrane and constitute the barrier against infections.

Large doses of Vitamin C(1000mg/day)can effectively strengthen the vitality of white cell and stimulate the ability of immune system against bacteria and virus. Thus, it can reduce the occurrence of cold. If possible, eat a fresh tomato every day.

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