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Apoplexy Attacking the Eyes

Updated: Tuesday, Mar 11,2014, 4:40:34 PM
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Much alike the “apoplexy” attacking the brain, the “apoplexy” attacking the eyes is commonly found among middle-aged and elderly people. Hypertension, diabetics, dyslipidemia and arteriosclerosis etc. are basic pathological changes for this disease. And the reasons may be the angiosclerosis, the thrombus caused by the damage of the intravascular skin or the embolism blocked the vessels due to the atherosclerotic plaque falling off from the vascular wall. In the past, winter is the peak period for this disease, because the cold weather can cause the vasoconstriction, thus, the blood would follow slowly, leading to the forming of thrombus. While it also becomes common disease in hot seasons nowadays due to the widely use of air-conditioners in houses and in the public places. When we are enjoying the pleasure of the coolness, subtly changes appear in our body---the losing of moisture has thickened the blood. When we enter into lower-temperature environment from a heated environment, or the temperature of air-conditioners is too low, thus the excessive temperature difference may cause the abnormal angiokinesis. As the coping capacity of the elder is decreasing, they easily suffer from “Apoplexy” attacking the eyes if the thrombus occurs due to the insufficient blood supply of the central artery of the eye ground as the vasoconstriction

We should also catch every second to treat the “apoplexy” attacking the eyes as treating the “apoplexy” attacking the brain. If the alter central of the retina is totally blocked, it will cause permanent damage of the retina in 90 minutes and then it will leave least opportunity for eyesight recovering. According to statistics, 90% of the patients who suffer from “apoplexy” attacking the eyes will lose their sight and only 10% of the patients could recover to 0.4 or better. While if the vessel block can be relieved within 1 hour after attacking, there will be chances to recover part of the eyesight and leave least chance to recover after 4 hours. Therefore, it is very important to prevent and diagnose promptly.

Actually speaking, the “apoplexy” attacking the eyes is a signal of the systemic vascular sclerosis. Elder people with diabetics or hypertension etc. should actively beware of his disease, forming good life habits and taking regular checks on eyes. If you suddenly feel blacked out, eyesight impaired, transient blindness or dizziness in the eyes, you should not only do something to rescue by yourself (massage your eyeball, let go after pressing several second and repeat it several times), but also go to the ophthalmology for help. If necessary, take in some nitroglycerin in the mouth in time and so as to save time for hospital rescue.

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