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4 methods to lose weight fast

Updated: Saturday, Mar 01,2014, 9:33:02 PM
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1. Fat people should diet with exercises daily to reduce the caloric  500 kilocalories. Even if one wants to loss weight, one should intake calorie not less than 1200 kilocalories each day. One should intake adequate carbohydrate, protein and low fat to maintain the basal metabolic rates.

 Healthy weight-loss menu

300-500 grams of cereal product, 400-500 grams of vegetables, 100-200 grams of fruit, 50 grams of fish and shrimp, 50-100 grams of meat, 25-50 grams of eggs, 200 grams of milk, 28 grams of milk powder, 50 grams of soybean and less than 25 grams of oil. If you want to loss weight, you should mainly reduce staple food (grain) and the amount of meat, such as intake 200-300 grams of grain each day and increase the intake of vegetable and fruit appropriately to prevent hunger. But one should intake no less than 100 grams of grain.

Tips: calories reducing doesn't mean eating less, but it means to adopt diet with low calories. Cooking methods should be adopted low calories methods like steaming, boiling, scalding, marinating, braising in soy sauce, cold etc. Eat less foods with high amounts of fat which are cooked by quick-frying, sauting, deep frying etc.

2. The weight lost can not be more than one kilogram a week. Loss weight rapidly may cause dehydration and be harmful to health.

Tips: what we want to loss is fat rather than weight. So, the advertisement of “loss 5 kilograms in one week” is a bit exaggerated. Even it can be realized, it’s also very dangerous.

3. One should get a checkup before doing exercises. Fat people should receive cardiopulmonary exercise test before doing exercises. Meanwhile, one should receive a test of blood biochemistry and urine test. If there is a serious heart disease, diabetes, hypertension or kidney disease, one should avoid exercises with high-strength.

Tips: It’s impossible that everyone receives a serious of checkup because of numerous dieters in domestic. Therefore, it’s best to consult experienced physician to determine whether you suffer from chronic diseases or not. If needed, please let the physician recommends for inspection.

4. Keep the habit of exercise and stick to them. Compared with exercise for a short time, the moderate exercise for a long time can effectively consume extra body fat. Long-term weight loss should rely on exercises.

Recommend: reduce fat by cycling method

It’s effective for weight loss to cycle at a moderate speed. Meanwhile, one should ride for more than 40 minutes continuously and pay attention to the breathing rule. Riding a bike is a very good aerobic training method and suitable for loss weight in spring.

Tips: Dieting can reduce the amount of calorie intake. So, it is effective at the early stage of losing weight. But, if you want to loss weight continuely, exercise is indispensable. If you want to loss weight easily and enjoy a “thin” life without suffering from hunger, please start and do exercise now!

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