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how to nourish hair

Updated: Thursday, Mar 11,2010, 4:01:16 PM
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TCM holds that alopecia is divided into hepatic and renal yin deficiency, insufficiency of vital energy and blood, and damp abundance due to splenic asthenia. Hence, when nurse one's health with food and drink, one should differentiate appearance symptoms and signs to nourish it, and it will get half the work with double result.

Walnut and sesame porridge: take 200g walnut, 100g sesame and rice fruit. Grind walnut and sesame as powder. After rice fruit porridge has 70% ripe, you could put 30g walnut and sesame in it until ripe. You eat porridge 1or 2 times a day.

One who is hepatic and renal yin deficiency, his hair will drop too much and his hair are dry company with dizziness, insomnia, five feverish centres, sweating when sleep, waist and knee are soft and sour. Woman sometimes would have irregular menses, while man would have emissions. The principle of diet treatment is nourishing kidney and liver, activating blood and growing hair. The recommended foods are sesame, black bean, walnut seed, cassia pulp, chestnuts, dateplum persimmon, medlar, fruit of mulberry, mutton and so on.

One who is deficiency of both QI and blood will company with rare hair and yellow countenance, tiredness of spirit and weak, dizziness and dim, palpitation and insomnia, light texture of tongue, whit fur and thin palpation.  The principle of diet should benefit vital energy and enrich the blood, invigorate the spleen and nourish heart. The recommended foods are honey, dates, dioscorea root, brown sugar, chicken, hog blood, egg, milk, potato, grape, carrot and so on.

The recommended medical diet: fleeceflower root cook with eggs. Wash fleeceflower and cut it, sock in the water for 15min, then put two eggs into pan and put onion, ginger, salt and cooking wine. Turn on big fire until it boiled, then turn on small fire until eggs are ripe. Take the two eggs out, sink into cold water, remove the eggshell then put it into pan cook for 2-3min, eat eggs and drink the water, one time a day.

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