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Women sleep in These Ways Easier Old

Updated: Tuesday, Mar 09,2010, 3:14:27 PM
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Women Sleep in These Ways Easier Old

Drinking tea before sleep

There are materials such as theine in the tea which can stimulate the central nervous system and excite human. If people drink tea, especially strong tea before sleeping, they will difficult to sleep.

Sleep with cosmetics

Some female, especially youth female do not remove makeups before sleep. Residual cosmetics on skin jam pores and cause paraeccrisis of gland, which not only easy to induce acne, but also damages skin after a long time and speed up its ageing.

Sleep with wearing bra

The bra protects the breast, but if sleep with wearing bra, it will incur disease, especially induce breast tumor. According to the concerned experts study, female who wear bra more than 17 hours contract breast tumor 20 times higher than those who wear bra for a short time or not wear bra. This is because breasts are pressed for a long time, lymphatic return is locked and detriments stagnate in breasts.

Sleep with ornaments

Some female have no habit of unloading ornaments when sleep, which is very dangerous. First, some ornaments are metal and abrade skin which absorbed gradually and then poisoned (such as aluminum intoxication) unconsciously. Second, some ornaments with noctilucence can produce radium radiation which although quantity is little but can cause bad consequences after long time's accumulation. Third, sleep with wearing ornaments will hinder circulation of organism which is disadvantageous to metabolism. This is reason why partial skin on wearing ornaments easy to aging.

Anger before sleep

Getting angry before resting will speed up palpitation, be tachypnea and well up thoughts constantly then be difficult to sleep.

Sleep with slightly drunk

As change of life style, nightlife of young women is richer now, especially some professional female have several social appointments and will sleep with slightly drunk. According to the medical research indicates, it is easier to appear asphyxia after sleeping if drink wine before sleeping with generally about 2 times and 10 minutes each time every night. If thus for a long time, people will easy to suffer heart disease and hypertension.

Gluttonize before sleep

Stomach and intestine should step up digestion if people overeat before resting. Stomach which full of food will continuously stimulate the cerebrum. The cerebrum has stimulation point then people can not sleep peacefully, which is just like Chinese medicine said “if the stomach is disharmonious, people will sleep unpeacefully”

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