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Whitening Traditional Chinese Medicine

Updated: Thursday, Mar 11,2010, 3:58:17 PM
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Ingredients: angelica root, sweet root, nucleolus, angelica root, green gram starch, white sandalwood and so on to grin it into powder.
The method of covering it on face: honey, milk and 1/4 egg white, sufficient quantum cover on your whole face(except eye and mouth), after it dry, then you can wash it. 1-2 times a week (not do it too much time a week, your skin will do not afford it), it indicate acne, sinister and freckle, and also for minify pore of nose sides, one who use it are all feel good, it is cheap and it can turn skin into whiter.
Angelica root to whiten face

Ingredient: 6g angelica root, 1 egg yellow, 1 big spoon of honey, 1 small spoon of cuke juice, 3 small spoon of olive oil.
1. Grind angelica as powder, put it into bowl and mixed it with egg yellow, put honey and cuke juice into the bowl, daub it on face for about 20 minutes, then wash it.
2. After wash your face, use cosmetic cotton to sock some olive oil on face for about 5 min, then take hot towel cover on face but not take the cosmetic cotton down. After the hot towel cold down, you can take the cosmetic cotton and towel down, then wash you face.
Pearl powder to whiten face
Actions: It has significant effect for whiten skin, and also has better effect to nourish skin.
Method: Take 3 spoons of pearl powder, grinded vitamin E, then mixed them with purified water as paste. Cover this paste on face for 20 min, then wash it out of face.

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