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TCM treatment of senile constipation

Updated: Thursday, Mar 11,2010, 4:07:18 PM
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Nutritional therapy has good effect to relieve constipation of senior citizen. Herba cistanches, root of straight ladybell and gen-seng benefit qi and nourish the blood. Walnut, semen sesame, pine nut and semen pruni mainly are rich in oil and smooth intestine. Sweet potato, pumpkin, Chinese yam and green vegetables contain cellulose richly. Honey and banana stimulate creepage of intestine. Radish and legumes regulate the flow of vital energy and calm the adverse-rising energy. They also benefit for defecation.

The constipation patients cannot reject fat food and should eat oil properly to moisten dryness. It is spastic constipation of intestine when stool of senior citizens is like sheep excrement with spherical stoolmass and abdomen is convulsive pain and tympanites. Meat, egg, milk and oil are for moistening intestine and defecation in this kind of constipation, patients should not eat much cold food and multi-cellulosic food, which should be distinguished. The sesame oil, banana and honey are food of defecation, but patients of diabetes should not eat latter two kind’s food. The warm and neutral seasonings such as onion, the ginger, the garlic and so on are inadvisable for patients of constipation who have heat in intestine and stomach. Patients of other constipations can eat food which produce qi and stimulate intestine to creep and advantageous for defecation. Strong tea, coffee and wines are useless for defecation. They should fall into the habit of defecation once daily which is most ideal before rest.

Commonly used nutritional therapy prescriptions of constipation are as follows:

1. Large intestine of pig about 500 grams is washed and cut into slices then stewed thoroughly with slow fire and added 30g Peach Kernel and 30g armeniaca dulcis then salt and seasoning and about 500 grams spinach then boiled slightly.

2. 200 grams trepang are soaked in water and cut into slices then stewed thoroughly with slow fire then added 100 grams Jew's-ear and boiled then added few minces and seasoning and stewed for about 15 minutes.

3. About 500 grams soft-shelled turtle which removed bowel cut into slices then stewed by soft fire slowly and added 50 grams herba cistanches and 50 grams prepared rhizome of rehmannia which washed wrapped by gauze then added right amount seasoning to stew for about 30 minutes,. Meat can be eaten and soup can be drunk.

4. 20 grams Porphyra tenera Kjellman which torn into pieces is boiled soup and added monosodium glutamate, soy sauce and husk of shelled shrimp which flavored then added 2 small spoons sesame oil and about 50 grams fragrant-flowered garlic dust then drunk at dinner.

5. 100 grams barley and 50 grams black-seeded sesame are soaked for half day then boiled gruel which can be added honey and drunk in the morning and evening.

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