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Soups help the body healthy

Updated: Tuesday, Mar 09,2010, 3:19:53 PM
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Ingredients: 150 grams RHIIZOMA DIOSCOREAE, 500 grams mutton, 1000 grams soybean milk, sufficient quantum of green onion, salt and ginger.

1. wash mutton and cut it into piece.

2. wash rhiizoma dioscoreae  and cut it then put it together with mutton and soybean milk into pan, stew it with small fire until mutton ripe, then put onion, salt and ginger.

Explanation: mutton has a lot of fat mass, it can store fat of breast then let it breast plim and flexible, you should insist on decoction taken hot medicine diet, I believe you may get surprise.

Ingredients: a half of green flowering quince, 1 fresh fish tail(its up to one’s favorite to choose fish)4 bowls of water, a few salt.

Prescription: 1. wash flowering quince and diced it, then put it into
Explanation: green flowering quince has a plenty of papain, it has great help for breast, you could choose meat according to you favorite.
Ingredients: 200g peanuts, 1 trotter, 5 bowls of water, sufficient quantum of salt.

1. wash peanut

2. chop the trotter into cubes, put it into boiled water, then dredge it up.

3. put above material into water, big fire boiled it then turn to small fire stew for 1 hour.

4. put sufficient quantum of salt.
Explanation: peanut has a lot of fat, while trotter has a lot of colloid substance, they are all can help to developing of breast, you can try to eat one time every two days.

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