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Sleep deficiency are probably drooling

Updated: Saturday, Apr 04,2009, 10:38:11 PM
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Evening someone deeply troubled sleep drooling, always wet the next morning pillows, there is no thought that this was so are the symptoms of deficiency? Some people sleep at night because deficiency are drooling because of the mouth opens into the spleen governs the muscles .

What is the spleen?

Terms of Chinese medicine are. Pathology refers to the phenomenon of weak temper. A result of many eating disorders. LO Yat missing degrees, or caused by chronic Frail. Spleen has shipped food of nutrients and lose water, such as liquid, as well as the role of blood. Deficiency disorders of the transportation, nutrition and emerging obstacles, water loss in the liquid bulk and the Health and wet cloth stuffed sputum, or blood loss happen.

What have other symptoms?

Mizutani subtle deficiency is not delivered to transmission, and organs and limbs will not and thus give rise to pale chlorosis, mental fatigue, body weakness tired, sleepy after eating, food less boring; or food after the expansion, stool runny diarrhea; or not Valley Fresh, the limbs due to temperature, cold and scared shortness of breath, women taken off the deficiency; low fat tongue, while India has teeth; veins can not afford a series of weak performance deficiency.

Deficiency of how people select food?

With Spleen Qi food, appetizer Xiaoshi of food, such as rice, long rice, rice crust (coke pot), cooked lotus root, yam, lentils, cowpeas, grapes, dates, carrots, potatoes, mushrooms, etc. .

the nature of cold food, bad food vulnerability, such as bitter gourd, cucumber, wax gourd, eggplant, water spinach, celery, Amaranthus Levin, wild rice stem, lettuce, Day Lily, persimmon, banana, loquat, pear, watermelon, green beans, tofu, Y such as wheat. Huiz one of greasy, easy to impede the function of temper shipped food, such as duck, pork, a fish, oyster meat, milk, sesame and so on. Lee gas Xiaoji, easy temper of food, such as buckwheat; Hawthorn, radish, coriander and so on.

Reference to therapeutic

Rice porridge

50 grams of rice, 10 grams of raisins to adequate clean water to nine ripe rice, add raisins, to pulpy stew that is common.

Sweet potato

Commonly known as sweet potato, potato, sweet potato. Sexual-ping, sweet, there is Spleen and blood, the role of Yiqi purge. "With the income spectrum home diet," said: "cooking up the spleen and stomach, Qi Li,cold, color benefits." "Program theft by finding" that the sweet potato can "fill in fat five internal organs." Deficiency of people that can be used when the staple sweet potato, the.


Warm, sweet, have completed the spleen and stomach, the role of beneficial blood. Many years ago, early in 2000's "Shen Nong's Herbal Classic" in there "-an in dependent spleen date" records. Ming Li referred to as the "fruit of the date for the spleen, the spleen ." Pond will be on the spleen, eat less, inadequate blood people, always taking the most suitable date.

Jianpi: yam can be used, Atractylodes macrocephala, yi-jen, potatoes, white lentils, sweet potato and so on, as long as it is long in the land can be Jianpi deep.熬粥with them, stew, cook one can, if put a little lotus leaf, effect will be even better.

Special attention to

There is generally not a single deficiency, or folder in cold or hot and, or, as the Qi stagnation and so on, so there is no fixed formula in general. Spleen want good cooking, Chinese medicine as you need to ask you a clear dialectic, the medication will be closed the entire work, or else have a turn for the better although the deficiency, while other cases began to rise up to more losses than gains.

As for eating on the conditioning: General digestible diet should be light;generally yam, coixenolide, such as matrix, and long-term use.

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