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Recognition of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Updated: Monday, Mar 22,2010, 3:48:25 PM
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In ancient Chinese civilization, astronomy, mathematics agriculture and medicine were the four advanced sciences Maybe it is improper to call them sciences, but they were really the four complete systems of knowledge and skill developed in ancient China. Among them, medicine is the only one that has never been replaced by Western sciences and still plays an important role in protecting the health of IChinese people.

Then there is a question. How traditional Chinese medicine, a classic system of medicine without any connection with modern sciences, can still exist in spite of the fact that modern medicine can basically meet the need of healthcare? Is traditional Chinese medicine a science or just a collection of experience? Does it still have the possibiliw and space to further develop itself along its own orbit? Is there any possibility that it may be replaced by modern medicine? These are the questions frequently being asked.

Recognition of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Among the Chinese people, few have never visited any traditional Chinese doctors or tried any traditional remedies in their life. Even those who are healthy and have no chance to try medicine know traditional Chinese medicine. Though having no experience themselves, they would advise their relatives and friends to use traditional Chinese medicine to solve their health problems. There are some people who believe that traditional Chinese medicine is not scientific. But when they are ill and cannot be helped by modern medicine, they would change their mind and turn to traditional Chinese medicine.

These phenomena are quite normal. Think about the films Beijing People in New York and Scraping. It will be helpful for you to understand these phenomena. In Beijing People in New York, A-chun was accused of maltreating child by her exhusband when she asked traditional Chinese doctor to treat her child who suffered from arthralgia. The similar case was also shown in Scraping in which the father was deprived of the guardianship of his son because he used scraping therapy(a folk remedy performed by scrape the chest or back with a coin or a piece of china in order to induce subcutaneous bleeding) to treat his son.

Now Western medicine is the basic method used to deal with medical problems. But why Chinese people still believe traditional Chinese medicine and take Chinese herbal preparations? Why Chinese people could not understand the attitude of the westerners toward Chinese medicine shown in these films? The reason is that in the mind of Chinese people, traditional Chinese medicine is a system of medicine and can cure diseases. The value of such recognition is significant. Without such recognition, traditional Chinese medicine cannot continue to exist under the condition those modern sciences has dominated over all the fields of knowledge and the thinking of common people. Then there pops up a question deserving further Consideration. That is why Chinese people can recognize traditional Chinese medicine when all the people take modern sciences as the foundation of knowledge structure and worship "science" in their hearts.

The common explanation about why Chinese recognize TCM is that China is large both in territory and population. When Western medicine was introduced into China, it, for a long time, could not meet the need of healthcare in vast rural areas and remote places. That is why TCM is always resorted to as a supplementary remedy. Another reason about such a phenomenon commonly accepted is that Chinese people are conservative and are accustomed to traditional practice.

However the reality facing us today is that the price of Chinese medicine is
in no way lower than that of Western medicine. Obviously economy cannot fully explain such a tendency. One important point has to be noted. That is people usually turn to TCM at any cost when Western medicine has failed to solve their sufferings.

Undoubtedly the secret based on which TCM continues its progress is not backwardness. Because the more advanced diagnostic instruments the modern medicine use, the more diseases it can not cure. The methods of physics, chemistry and operation are efficient enough to change the natural state of the human's body, however, the diseases caused by them are becoming more and more complicated. Such shortcomings of modern medicine have further enlarged the space for TCM to demonstrate its effect in restoring the natural state and functions of the human body.

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