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Long menstrual cycle, what are the reasons for

Updated: Saturday, Apr 04,2009, 10:42:40 PM
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Long menstrual cycle, what are the reasons for
Some women's menstrual cycle is basically normal, but through time over more than seven days, or even half a month before there is a clean extension of the phenomenon, known as menstrual extension of traditional Chinese medicine.

Extension of the pathogenesis of menstrual there is there is really true, because many empirical red block any blood, new blood must not go through; Deficiency deficiency because many internal heat, resulting in menstrual disturbance extended sea of blood.

1, If women feel normal , time will result in a long time. Or female, among the menstrual, post-production experience hinder the formation of blood and blood running. Veins due to blood cell block, the new blood should not go through, so that menstruation can not be postponed.

2, deficiency heat: If the female physique is a deficiency, or due to chronic , producing too much, excessive sexual intercourse, so that the body . Heat and the restless sea of blood deficiency, blood can not function properly, resulting in the extension of the period.

Therefore, Chinese medicine believes that the reasons for the extension of women's menstrual actual situation there is of points, so to distinguish the actual situation conditioning period started later.

In addition, the overall focus of Chinese medicine treatment of see how the wind blows, from the complexion of women can also be observed whether or not there is the phenomenon of irregular menstruation. This is not because Chinese medicine practitioners will watch face, but think Chinese medicine organs, blood changes, will be shown the face of the people.

Menstrual disorders are often organ dysfunction, blood disorders, or caused by inadequate blood. Female menstrual disorders so often have or change looking. According to the experience of menstrual disorders in women generally face the following changes:

1, faintly pale green, between the cheeks and nose have surfaced dark, dark colored eyes: more common in depressed mood, irritability of the female.

2, looking dark, purple : often there is blood in the body there is the female.

3, looking pale or edema, short: was particularly prevalent in the spleen, qi deficiency of the female.

4, love up facial oil, enjoy a long small : more common in hot and humid there is the female body.

5, pale, like general, such as painted red double zygomaticus a Blush, red, thin body: more common in women of Qi-Yin Deficiency.

The blood under the facial changes, to identify the causes of menstrual disorders, and symptomatic treatment, which is the treatment of menstrual disorders in Chinese medicine at a high.

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