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How to make Your Body Scented Without Perfume

Updated: Tuesday, Mar 09,2010, 3:11:52 PM
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People in the ancient time were confused by the secret of the body incense, They don’t understand the secret of balmy girls like ‘Xiangfei’ in the story of Qianlong emperor of Qing dynasty. However, in the modern time, people find out that the body incense is related to our diet, and we can even control the body incense by choosing different food and drink.

1. Peach incense
In theory of TCM, peach flower is considered to help women with the facial, and in the modern medicine, it is proved that peach flower contains biological glucoside and plant hormones which can advance the blood circulation. Peach flower is also rich in iron.
[Method]: Infuse peach flower tea or make honeyed bolus with peach flower.
Girls can have peach body incense by drink peach flower tea or take honeyed bolus for long.

2.Apricot incense
Figs, winter melon seeds, poplars skin and medical stones are rich in manganese, this is good for facial and make the body be balmy. Girls can be brighter and balmier to drink tea of these.
[Method]: Collect the same scale of these materials which are raw and dried, grind them into powder for reserve. Take 10 grams of this mixed powder to make tea and drink it every night.
Continue it for long term you can have body incense of apricot

3. Jasmine incense
'BenCaoGangMu'(Compendium of materia medica, by LiShizhen, Ming Dynasty) Has mention that jasmine has functions of balmy and moisten skin and help growing hairs. Modern medicine tells us that jasmine contains materials of essential oil and linalool, they can ease the chromogenesis and cultivate skin cells.
[Method]: Grind dried jasmine flower into powder, put 5 grams in congee each time.
Continue to take this you will have Jasmine body incense.

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