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Healthy diet keep away from gastric cancer

Updated: Thursday, Mar 11,2010, 4:06:03 PM
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As early as in the late of East Han Dynasty, a doctor whose name is Zhang Zhongjing figured out in his book Synopsis of Golden Chamber: “some food is suitable to eat and some is harmful to the health, the suitable food is useful to humans and the harmful food will make people sick’’. The modern clinical researches also confirm that the incidence of gastric cancer is related closely to human daily intake of diet and nutrition. In our daily lives, we should cultivate good eating habits to reduce the possible risk of getting gastric cancer. The author’s suggestions are as follows:
Do not eat too fast. The food will not be chew if you eat too fast, it will harm the gastrointestinal mucosa, and lead to chronic inflammatory. Over a long period of time, it will causes canceration.
Do not eat baked, grilled, smoked or deep-fried food. These foods contain a large quantity of carcinogenic polycyclic aromatic compounds, so that the possibility of gastric cancer will be increased greatly.
Do not eat overheating food. The overheating food can harm the oral cavity and esophageal mucosal, injure or stimulate the digestive tract mucosa, and lead to canceration.
Do not eat high-salt food. The high consistence of sodium chloride can damage gastric mucosal, impede the gastric emptying, and boost the carcinogenic substances into the gastric lining indirectly resulting in cancerization.
Do not smoke and drink. A large number of scientific research shows that a large number of smoking and drink can increase the risk of cancer.
Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits. Fresh vegetables and fruits are rich in vitamin C, carotene and dietary fiber and minerals, and there may be a variety of active tumor suppressor ingredient. Carrot, tomato, garlic, onion, cucumber, corn, dates, white fungus and mushrooms are good choice s to prevent cancer.

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