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Do not hurt the pride of the elderly

Updated: Thursday, Mar 11,2010, 4:02:27 PM
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First, plan the daily life for the elder. When they have retired, the work and living environment will have a great change, so the spiritual needs of the elderly will tend to be stronger. The children can make a living, learning and playing plan together with the elder for the retired daily live.

Second, let the elderly have the opportunities to show their personal qualities to enhance their self-expression. The children should support and encourage the elderly to join some useful social activities, enrich their culture life.

Third, give elderly a sense of belonging to the family. As the saying goes, we don’t care lack of money but the inharmonic. The child should always do some delicious food for them and look after them carefully when they sick. The elderly always have a very strong self-esteem and stubborn, the children should not have contest with them or put a black word on them. Only respect the elder’s values and habits will a happy and harmonious family relationship be created.

Some elder think when they are old, the families and society will no longer need them, and always consider that they are marginalized by the society or even commit suicide. It is related to the elder’s frustrated self-esteem. Self-esteem is one kind of ability to believe the existence of the value of them. If their Self-esteem is frustrated, they will have a feeling of self-abasement and depression or even lose their self-confidence. When the elders retired, they will focus on the family, so all their children should help the elders rebuild their self-esteem and satisfy the elder’s psychological needs.

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