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Diet therapy for preventing aging

Updated: Tuesday, Mar 09,2010, 4:44:07 PM
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TCM holds that traditional Chinese medicines always emphasize recuperative medical care of diet. Middle-aged woman have three kinds methods prevention and cure of senium :
1. Lean meat of pig ridge porridge can prevent dry skin, less hair: take 60 grams lean meat of pig ridge, 90 grams rice and sesame oil, salt, pricklyash peel. Wash meat and cut it as piece. After the lean meat of pig ridge parch put some water and rice into boiler, cooking porridge. After porridge are ripe, you can put salt and pricklyash peel until re-boiled.
2. Surname porridge for improving acuity of vision and nourish face: take 15 grams white fungus gourd, 10 grams medlar, 100 grams chicken liver, 10 grams jasmine, 100 rice fruit and sufficient quantum of flavoring. Tear white fungus gourd as small piece after soft in water, cut chicken liver as piece cook with rice fruit. After it has 70% ripe, put medlar into it until thoroughly ripe then put pulmentum and jasmine.

3. Stewing ganoderma with trotters can prevent wrinkle of skin: take 15 grams ganoderma, 1 trotter and cooking wine, salt, gourmet power, onion, ginger piece, lard and so on. Wash and unhair the trotter and cut ganoderma into piece. Put some lard into pot, after lard heat put onion and ginger into pot, then put trotter, water, cooking wine, salt, gourmet and ganoderma into it. After it boiled you can turn on small fire stewing it until ripe and rotten.

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