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Diet therapy for impotence

Updated: Monday, Mar 22,2010, 3:42:30 PM
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goat kidney 1 pair, mutton 100g, Chinese chive 150g, gouqi30g, rice fruit 100g. goat kidney will be cut in half, cut-like nails; mutton and Chinese chives Wash. The first, mutton, gouqi, rice fruit put the pot, the amount of water, slow fire cooking to be quick release when cooked Chinese chives, second and third boil again, so that daily consumption forEmperor. Less than 3 months, the Emperor has become well, also make Princess was pregnant. He was very pleased and with order sihui make this prescriptions as a good Dietetic therapy in the palace; often taking.
Why this gruel can be enhance sexual function? Chinese medicine practitioners believe that the goat kidney can be warming kidney-QI, essence replenishment, kidney deficiency as a common strain of animal organs; mutton has always been used as the best health care, and still warming middle energizer to dispel cold, warming blood, increase appetiteinvigorate the spleen , tonifying kidney kidney qi, make up bad shape; Chinese chive, also known as strengthening yang, to build grass, invigorating stomachto refresh oneself , harmony zangfu, so the impotencecause of renal deficiency ,Quite effective inspection.
The "Cistanche salsa mutton gruel "of "Compendium of Materia Medica ", is also to enhance the sexual function of therapeutic. It Cistanche 20g, mutton 100g, rice 150g, fistular onion stalk 3 caudex, ginger 5 pills . a few salt be components. First mutton clean cut small onion, chopped ginger is also used Cistanche decocted first casserole, save juice, the release amount of mutton and rice and water is cooking, will be cooked porridge, adding salt, Onions, ginger seasoning.
The above gruel are warming and the invigorate the kidney excellent Diet, enhance sexual function, treatment impotence ejaculatio praecoxejaculatio praecox, to make male recruitment of dysfunction.

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