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Beauty Mask

Updated: Tuesday, Mar 09,2010, 3:18:35 PM
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Mask for nourishing face
1. A half cup of cooked oats, a egg, a spoon of almond oil
2. A quarter of cheese and a quarter of milk

3. Wheat embryo powder, semen powder and egg yellow.

Mask, beauty face

1. Ginseng cream for moistening skin: ginseng, angelica, platycodon root, snakegourd root, figwort root, common bletilla tuber, refined pearl powder and mixed it as paste.

2. Prescription which transmit from court: common bletilla tuber, dahuria angelica root, green gram starch, the proportion is 2:1:4, you can put a egg white or honey in it. Its up to the person who like flower incense, he can put some roses volatile oil or dry sweet osmanthus in it.
1. Cover egg whiter on face: This method can remove wrinkle.
2. Egg whiter and Suction facial tissue: Plucking acne

3. A quarter of vegetable oil, a parvum of salt, an egg, a half of cup of fruit vinegar: this method can let your skin more exquisite.

Whitening facial mask
1. a half cup of apricot seed, a half of warm boiled water, a soup spoon of defatted milk powder and a soup spoon of honey: whitening
2. Green gram starch or green tea powder and water

3. Egg white( for Oily skin) egg yellow(for neutral skin and dry skin), a spoon of milk powder, two drops of lemon juice (not too much lemon juice), a drop of honey, grind 5 centimeter cuke as paste. Mixed above material, if it is too scarce, you could add some milk powder, if it is too dense, you could add some cuke. You daub this mixture on you face, take two facial tissues, one is on you forehead another is below your eyes to your lower jaw. ( don’t forget to dig hole on the nostril) cover for 20min, then wish it.

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