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a normal penis size?

Updated: Saturday, Jun 13,2009, 10:02:42 AM
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It's the question that just about every teenage boy asks himself -- and may keep asking himself throughout his life: How does my penis measure up?

Several recent studies say that the average size is about 5 inches when the penis is “stretched.” (Sounds painful, but it just means extending a flaccid penis out fully -- the size of a stretched penis is about the same as it is when erect.) Other surveys found an average closer to 6 inches. While it's possible that there are racial differences in penis size, there's little evidence. Regardless, there's still a great deal of variation within racial groups anyway.

Still, a lot of guys are convinced that they're smaller than everyone else. In one study, researchers interviewed 92 men who considered themselves poorly endowed. Not a single one actually had a small penis. While there are surgeries to enlarge the penis, they are not well studied -- and many men are unhappy with the results.


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