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Which cause male erectile dysfunction

Updated: Monday, Aug 10,2015, 4:49:48 PM
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In clinical work, a part of patient private prosecution in life of husband and wife to sexual pleasure or sexual euphoria decreased, the impact of the patients with enthusiasm to participate in the activities of, on the one hand, semen long-term stagnation in the prostate not excretion, is likely to lead to further prostatitis (CP); on the other hand, not for a long time in life, may lead to erectile dysfunction (ED), and further lead to family discord Effects of drug use Such as benzene two nitrogen Zhuo, and other drugs such as the sedative, hypnotic effect may be to the pleasure of the production of the inhibitory effect. Whether the existence of the brain medium such as enkephalin consumption after not timely supplement outstuding. Nerve terminal sensitive point The cause of chronic recurrent congestion, such as prostatitis, seminal vesicle inflammation and posterior urethra, leads to posterior urethral edema, and the sensitivity of sensory nerve endings in urethral mucosa is decreased. Insufficient internal pressure Prostatitis, seminal vesicle is phlogistic, after urethral long-term recurrent congestion and other reasons lead to the ischiocavernosus and bulbocavernous muscle contraction of muscles weakness, the pressure within the urethra insufficient to enable "semen" shoot out and just flows out, resulting in expansive feeling not in the blink of an eye get release is released slowly. Pleasure is reduced. Reduction of semen volume Short-time asked repeatedly masturbation in semen volume is not timely supplement, prostate, seminal vesicle organ resection of the semen volume reduction, before ejaculation urethral after accumulation of semen volume to the urethra to generate enough sense of expansion, so as to enable the ejaculation of euphoria is not strong, or ejaculation domain values decreased, when after urethra sperm amount has not yet been accumulated to a certain amount has been fired. Fatigue sex Patients with fatigue, the relationship between husband and wife disagreement or other reasons to participate in sexual intercourse lack of initiative will also lead to patients at ejaculation lack enough sexual pleasure.

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