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What reason can cause male sexual dysfunction

Updated: Wednesday, Sep 03,2014, 3:26:24 PM
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1, mental factors in patients with premature ejaculation: above the 80% is caused by mental factors. The data report, psychogenic accounted for premature ejaculation in 85% of the patients. For example, after being apart a long time, wedding honeymoon, over excitement or tension, fatigue, mood is depressed, after drinking, sex not section, husband and wife relationship is not harmonious, husband potential hostility, resentment and anger to his wife, or the wife excessive fear, worship, being self abased psychology are the factors that cause premature ejaculation.

2, have implement qualitative sex disease: for example, genital congenital malformation, bag bine, the inflammation of glans or wrapping, urethritis, penis is phlogistic, multiple sclerosis, spinal cord tumors, cerebrovascular accident, epididymis is phlogistic, chronic prostatitis can reflex sexual ground to affect spinal cord center, cause premature ejaculation.

3, local irritation: penis wrapping is too long, too tight pants on penile glans stimulation, or excitement caused by see yellow novel, film and video, often produce premature ejaculation.

4, other: if the constitution is poor, a serious illness, sexual excitement and reflex ejaculation activity will reduce, will also lead to premature ejaculation, should reduce or stop activities.

How to prevent sexual dysfunction in patients with infertility

First of all, should go to normal hospital inspection, and to receive formal treatment. Secondly, we should pay more attention to improving the living habits, not sedentary, long ride, drinking, smoking, frequent masturbation, tried not ejaculation, and a reasonable diet, nutritional supplements, increase resistance. At the same time, to overcome the psychological pressure, do not have the psychological burden. Some people received the treatment of irregular or suffer unfair publicity, advertising, prone to hypochondriasis, depression, fear, guilt and mood disorders, and gradually appear somatic symptoms, but this may affect fertility.

Knowledge: sperm quality what good?

According to the standard WHO now, judge the quality of sperm is mainly four aspects: first, the healthy male ejaculates volume to two ml; second, according to the new standard, the sperm density in semen is required per milliliter sperm number 15000000, we used the 20000000 General requirements third, go ahead; the percentage of sperm necessary accounted for 32% or more than 50%; fourth, normal morphology sperm must be enough for 4%.

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