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What is phimosis and redundant prepuce?

Updated: Thursday, Oct 22,2009, 11:04:21 AM
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What is phimosis and redundant prepuce?

 man, especially in the 7 years ago, longer than the foreskin, covering the entire glans and urethra mouth. Later with puberty, penis size increases, the length of the growth will be back the foreskin back, so that the penis head and foreskin urethra exposed to the outside. If you reached adulthood, the foreskin stenosis, or foreskin and penis head is still adhesions, the foreskin can not be on the turn, exposing urethra, or penis head, in medicine called phimosis; if the foreskin can be turned while exposed glans, the foreskin a small mouth , Guy did not urethral mouth, and called the foreskin is too long.

Phimosis and redundant prepuce harm to human body

Either phimosis or redundant prepuce, have some harmful effects on the human body.

1) impede the development of the penis and affect the harmony of sexual life: penis, phimosis will affect the growth and development during puberty because of the penis head was tightly enclose the foreskin, not the outside world should be stimulated by the considerable development of the penis head restraints, resulted in the penis after sex organs mature first crown of the circumference significantly smaller impact sexual pleasure. Adults, due to redundant prepuce or phimosis, affecting the normal sex life. In particular, the foreskin is too small-caliber men, the foreskin on the turn can not be restored, the foreskin firmly stuck in the Coronal Department, into the incarcerated phimosis, suffering less. Serious, glans a result of poor blood flow and edema, or necrosis of glans penis can occur.

2) to enable the penis inflammation: the foreskin is rich in sebaceous glands within, can secrete large amounts of sebum. When phimosis or redundant prepuce, so that the foreskin can not be discharged within the sebaceous gland secretions, sebum and urine sediment in the synthesis of cheese-like Great Stink of "smegma." Smegma suitable for bacterial growth, it can cause inflammation of the glans and foreskin. Bacteria through the urethra can also cause urinary tract infections. Occurred in the urethra inflammation, wound healing may give rise to a narrow urethra, causing difficulties in urinating.

3) damage to kidney function: As the penis inflammation of the urethra can cause mouth or anterior urethral stricture, causing difficulties in urinating. The long-term difficulties in urinating, kidney function can be damaged.

4) the risk of cancer: prepuce and phimosis, there is the possibility of induced carcinoma of the penis. Modern scientific research has shown that smegma is a carcinogen, according to surveys, 85% -95% of penile cancer are phimosis or redundant prepuce. Phimosis and foreskin is too long, not only affect their own health, if the same room with his wife, but also to smegma into the vagina to stimulate the uterus, induced cervical cancer.


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