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What is benign prostatic hyperplasia?

Updated: Friday, Feb 26,2010, 1:53:38 PM
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The prostate is called benign prostatic hyperplasia have been more occurred in 50 years of age or older. Europe and the United States and other countries, according to statistics, in elderly men, its incidence as high as 80% or more; internal reporting low, but over 50%. As the prostate is just at the exit of the bladder surrounding the urethra in a special place in the event of hyperplasia, will be from all oppression of the urethra, so that the bladder urine discharge blocked, causing a series of urinary system diseases.

Bear the brunt of the prostate near the bladder, because urine discharge blocked, the bladder must be greater strength in order to discharge urine through the narrowed urethra, therefore, compensatory detrusor bladder wall thickening, this time, although the urine still capable of full discharge, but patients began to urinary frequency, urgency, in particular, an increase in nocturnal symptoms. As the prostate continue to grow, a more narrow urethra, bladder wall power alone can not be completely excreted in urine, not only will be residual bladder urine, and bladder wall will bulge where the weak form of the disease medically known as diverticula . More developed hyperplasia, bladder wall is more expansion, thinning, weakness, at this time occurs in patients with enuresis phenomenon, which is medically known as the filling urinary incontinence.

Then the upper urinary tract involvement, due to frequent bladder filling can not effectively discharge of urine, the kidneys produce urine, it will not timely sent to the bladder through the ureters, the results will inevitably lead to the renal pelvis (kidney inside the cavity portion) of water, and the oppression of renal parenchyma, damage to kidney function.

As a whole after the occurrence of urinary tract obstruction, infection and complications come one after another stone. This is just as smooth discharge pipe cleaning fluid, while the blocked channel sediment Smirnov, like urinary tract obstruction allows easy reproduction of bacteria, stone shape.

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