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What harm does the man premature ejaculation

Updated: Wednesday, Jul 20,2016, 3:27:10 PM
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For male premature ejaculation topic, I think everybody is not strange, although this is a very face to male friends, but its incidence is also very wide, in the disease of male division is common. Premature ejaculation is sexual intercourse in a short period of time immediately, the essence of the platoon, some simply cannot finish sexual intercourse, some penis has not yet contacted with the female, or just contact a woman's vulva or vaginal mouth, or just inserted into the vagina after less than two minutes, produce ejaculation, after ejaculation the penis becomes weak, unable to maintain normal life of a disease. It's a lot of harm, we will look at the following.

1, bring a heavy psychological burden

After suffering from premature ejaculation, men inevitably bear the psychological pressure of overload, and long-term shrouded in the shadow of the disease, work, life greatly affected. Long time the mood depressed, depressed, will make the patients lose the passion of life, negative malaise, and even cause mental disease.

2, will lead to infertility

Severe primary premature ejaculation is very likely to cause infertility, over sensitive reflection of ejaculation of this kind of patient, a sexual activity or sexual stimulation immediately ejaculation. At this point, the penis may did not enter the vagina, not to mention the sperm into the female reproductive tract, there would be no pregnancy occurred.

3, not timely treatment can lead to erectile dysfunction

Experts said that some patients with premature ejaculation because it is not timely treatment, or due to premature ejaculation once or twice, resulting in a spirit of fear, anxiety, or even that is functional failure, will further aggravate the disease, that erectile dysfunction, impotence, appears to have not countervail the.

4, affect the life of husband and wife, family harmony

The danger of premature ejaculation in the sex life. The woman often does not feel sexual pleasure, if things go on like this will become the domestic cracked hidden trouble. The influence of mental factors. Lassitude, affect the work is the main manifestations of the harm of premature ejaculation, and will long associated with depressed, God tired, restless sleep at night, fine thin Qingling, palpitation inquietude, affect the job and life.

5, Jingshenbuzhen

Impact is the main manifestation of the harm of premature ejaculation, usually have a bitter taste and dry throat, yellow urine, drench turbidity and pruritus vulvae, tongue red, moss yellow, pulse a few strings and will long associated with depressed, God tired, restless sleep at night, fine thin Qingling, palpitation inquietude, affect the job and life.

We give you introduced the harm of premature ejaculation of male friend, believe you after reading understanding, bring about premature ejaculation is not only physical harm, there is more heavy psychological burden can be said that most men do not want to wrong place is the organ in your body, so if you find yourself a premature ejaculation symptoms, be sure to timely treatment.

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