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What does the symptom of male premature ejaculation have

Updated: Tuesday, Sep 22,2015, 4:45:17 PM
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What does the symptom of male premature ejaculation have?

The narrow sense of premature ejaculation is the penis in contact with female genitals and not inserted into the vagina before ejaculation. Generalized premature ejaculation is the penis can erect, but premature ejaculation, too fast, then the penis flaccid and is unable to continue sexual intercourse.

1, habitual premature ejaculation

Adult sexual intercourse is consistent with premature ejaculation, this kind of person's sexual physiology function is normal, the penis erection is powerful. The symptoms have strong sexual desire, erectile strong, as anxious and cause premature ejaculation, mostly found in young people.

2, old premature ejaculation

Sexual function decline caused, middle age or old people gradually in the ejaculate ahead of time, often accompanied by sexual loss to erect with the penis cannot.

3, I see premature ejaculation

Most of the physical and mental fatigue, emotional fluctuations occur. Originally without premature ejaculation, in a certain mental or physical stress situation after the acute occurrence of premature ejaculation, often associated with erectile fatigue. The phenomenon of premature ejaculation is usually a group of workers or often stay up late to work overtime.

What is the reason that man is premature ejaculation?

1, emotional anxiety

Before sexual intercourse, the mood is normal or not has a close relationship with the occurrence of premature ejaculation, the mood is very good or bad to have a very big impact on the speed of ejaculation. If emotions and anxiety, often lead to premature ejaculation. The tension between men and the sexual life will continue, the failure will appear to reverse the role, resulting in a vicious cycle of psychological.

2, cooperation and coordination

Some people mistake their premature ejaculation, but both sides in orgasm time coordination, the woman has not yet reached the orgasm and man premature ejaculation, this situation is quite common, and not a true premature ejaculation.

To correct this situation is: early sexual intercourse, the man as much as possible to keep calm, moves very slowly and deliberately, make full use of the characteristics of the woman feel loose, supplemented by caress action, make the woman will be sexy gradually concentrated to the sexual organs and promote the climax of the early arrival of. When the man felt a strong desire to ejaculation and difficult to control, can rest a moment, you can inhibit the occurrence of ejaculation. Stop a moment later to continue, to avoid the habit of premature ejaculation phenomenon.

3, the foreskin is too long

Male penis wrapping is too long, tight underwear over stimulate the glans penis will lead to male premature ejaculation, premature ejaculation glans skin relatively normal male glans skin to delicate and sensitive, can try to contact the rare Moore composition, slightly narcotic effect that prolonged intercourse, the penis of sexual intercourse and vaginal friction time increase in, will gradually form a layer of horny layer to protect the glans penis and extend the time on the surface of the glans, and the horny handed the truth difference.

4, organic disease

A lot of male disease can make the ejaculation of the male center of the male is reduced, also is more easily happen ejaculation, such as urethritis, seminal vesicle phlogistic, prostatitis and so on inflammation. The penile frenulum is too short, the verumontanum inflammation in chronic congestion edema, a sexual excitement that sexual excitement soon ejaculation.

5, fatigue

Physical or mental work after fatigue, lack of energy, it is easy to occur premature ejaculation.

6, physical quality

Premature ejaculation penis muscle than the reflection of premature ejaculation quickly. May be due to the high concentration of testosterone in the blood, so that the central excitability of the ejaculation increased, the threshold decreased, the ejaculation center easy to excited and premature ejaculation.

7, masturbation habit

Because masturbation is more afraid of being discovered and ridiculed, nervousness, strive for rapid ejaculation, premature ejaculation habits gradually formed. Long term or regular masturbation, the nerve center is often in a state of non self excited, and the formation of physical inertia.

How to prevent premature ejaculation?

1, correct understanding and treatment of sexual life. Avoid masturbation, sexual restraint.

2, quit smoking and drinking, to avoid spicy stimulation. Seafood, soy products, fish and other foods to eat Yang replenishing essence, enhanced physique.

3, to carry out appropriate sports activities, such as listening to music, exercise, adjust the sentiment, enhance physical fitness, help prevent premature ejaculation.

Most premature ejaculation is not physical reasons, but psychological reasons, so, the man wants to stay away from premature ejaculation, it should be a correct understanding and treatment of sex, adjust their diet and living habits, relax.

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