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What are the symptoms of male urinary tract infections?

Updated: Monday, Aug 10,2015, 4:50:45 PM
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In clinic, the male urinary system infection is refers to the male reproductive system (urethra, prostate, epididymis, vas deferens and seminal vesicle, testes) by bacteria, viruses or parasites infection caused by the disease, if not treated in time may even infect their partners. When a male friend found the following 3 situations, be careful of urinary infection has been invaded: 1, urine abnormalities. The abnormal change of urine can cause urinary tract infections, common bacteria in urine, hematuria, pyuria or. 2, urination disorders. Frequent micturition, micturition in urgency, dysuria, urinary incontinence can be seen occasionally. 3, low back pain. Low back pain is a common clinical symptom of male urinary tract infection, because the kidney and kidney disease can lead to male low back pain. After the occurrence of urinary tract infection is not treated, or self medication treatment is not complete, once encountered fatigue or body resistance to reduce, the residual latent bacteria will breed, which is a cause of urinary tract infection prone to repeated attacks. Therefore, in the discovery of the urinary system is not appropriate and have a continuous phenomenon, it is best not to drag, so as not to delay the best treatment time, must go to the professional hospital for diagnosis and treatment.

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