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What are the methods to prevent prostatitis

Updated: Tuesday, Sep 08,2015, 4:31:39 PM
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Prostate health, related to the male reproductive health and quality of life, so in the life of the prostate health care is not negligible, do not wait until the disease occurs after the body conditioning. Prostatitis is a common disease of the prostate, more than the young men. Is also a kind of urinary disease, which is usually not careful. Once the attack, pain and urinary tract obstruction and consequent depressed and functional affected also is to let a person very distressed. So in the ordinary life to how to prevent prostatitis? Good life like, the amount of exercise and adequate sleep, good health is a prerequisite for the prevention of disease.

Good living habits can not be less

Prevention of prostatitis, a good life habits can not be less. A lot of prostatitis disease patients all had more or less bad habits of life, holding back urine, urination not row do and do not pay attention to the health of an individual's reproductive system and so on. So in life must develop a good living habits, to maintain the reproductive system of clean and clean, often for underwear and choose cotton underwear, do not wear tight or chemical fiber underwear. To pay attention to personal and sexual health, sexual intercourse and urination after sex. Usually active exercise, maintain a good sleep and rest, mental stress not too big, so that the body of the state will be good, immunity to improve, the health of the body to ensure that.

Diet attention

Many men like to eat greasy and spicy food, such food will not only cause the body's digestive system, but also makes the men's prostate health is affected. Eat less spicy spicy ginger and other spicy food, to avoid making the prostate and bladder neck repeated congestion, this is not good, will make the prostate appears to fall pain, increased the symptoms of prostate has emerged. In order to avoid constipation caused by prostate implicated and pain, it should be light diet nutrition, no smoking, no drinking, this will avoid to prostate and cause irritation, cause prostatitis.

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