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Understanding of fungal prostatitis

Updated: Saturday, Feb 27,2010, 5:14:15 PM
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Mycotic prostatitis is a mold (or fungal) infection caused by prostatitis, the disease although the literature reports, but a few rare cases.

The clinical manifestations of mycotic prostatitis with bacterial prostatitis are similar and often testicular pain. In general, fungal prostatitis complicated with many other lower urinary tract infection, manifested as increased urine white blood cells, urine culture negative and urine culture was positive hold on the bacteria; doing prostate rectal examination, the prostate can be found hard but also tenderness.

With chronic prostatitis symptoms; Beauveria fungus-positive skin test, serum complement fixation test was positive; or in the urine or prostate puncture material culture found in mold who can be diagnosed as fungal prostatitis.

The treatment of fungal prostatitis can be immune therapy, such as the transfer factor; can also be used anti-fungal treatments such as intravenous amphotericin B, the majority of cases effectively.

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