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The risk factors associated with prostate cancer

Updated: Friday, Aug 08,2014, 3:24:51 PM
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For modern men, prostate cancer is one of the relatively high incidence of cancer, has been a threat to men's health. The exact cause of prostate cancer is not yet clear, but studies suggest possible changes associated with gene. Below we went together to look at and prostate cancer risk factors associated with the occurrence of what? I hope to help the majority of male better understanding of prostate cancer.

And prostate cancer risk factors associated with the occurrence of what?

(1) the absolute risk factors:

1) age: age is the main risk factors of prostate cancer. Prostate cancer is very rare in less than 45 years old men, but with the increase of age, the incidence of prostate cancer increases sharply, the vast majority of prostate cancer patients older than 65 years old. Basically, after the age of 40 each additional 10 years of age, the incidence of prostate cancer is nearly double the risk, 50~59 year old male prostate was 10%, while the 80~89 years old male risk of prostate cancer increased to 70%.

Family history: 2) when the family of lineal male relatives with prostate cancer, the incidence of male was significantly higher rate in the family. Lineal relatives generally refers to the father and brother. If the family has 1 immediate relatives who had prostate cancer, prostate cancer probability will be 1 times higher than the general population; if 2, 3 times higher will. This shows that the incidence of prostate cancer may be related to the body of one or a set of genes, but these genes so far have not been fully identified.

3) race: prostate cancer in Africa African Americans was the highest, followed by the Spanish and American white people, black people and Africa prostate cancer incidence worldwide is the lowest. Asian men living in American prostate cancer occurrence rate of less than Caucasians, but higher than that in Asia's local men. Although prostate cancer incidence in yellow in the rate has not yet reached the European and American countries, but whether Chinese Chinese, or Taiwan, both Japan and Singapore, the incidence of prostate cancer is increasing year by year.

4) within the prostate cell variability: with high-grade prostatic intraepithelial neoplasia become men, the prostate cancer incidence rate increased significantly. High grade intraepithelial neoplasia is a kind of precancerous lesion, does not belong to the cancer, it under the microscope showed abnormal cell growth, morphology.

(2) the relative risk factors:

1) diet: some research shows, often eat food containing high animal fat men's prostate cancer prone, because these foods contain more saturated fatty acid. The study found that the 32 countries, prostate cancer mortality and total fat intake. Rich in fruit and vegetables in the diet of people getting sick at low probability.

2): androgen levels may be one of the causes of high levels of testosterone and prostate cancer. Androgen can promote the growth of prostate cancer.

The above is associated with prostate cancer risk factors, know the etiology of prostate cancer, you have to stay away from these risk factors for prostate cancer, prevention work, let the disease away from their.

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