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The reasons for short penis

Updated: Tuesday, Apr 13,2010, 3:00:40 PM
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The size of the penis is affected by genetic factors, the authenticity shortness of congenital disease is more common in a small number of the acquired. Congenital disease have testicular dysgenesis syndrome, also known as Klinefelter syndrome. Such patients are tall and short penis, small testes, although erectile penis, and has a sex drive, ejaculation and semen of normal sexual function, but can not produce testicular sperm, the sperm-free semen discharged, so no fertility .

Congenital testicular disease, penis too short, due to lack of testicular secretion of male hormones, so the lack of libido and normal sexual function, although you can use testosterone to treat, but only enhance sexual function, but not fertility.

True shortness of congenital there is still no treatment. Acquired short penis, mainly due to shrinkage caused by testicular atrophy, such as: length of its in ultrasound, microwave, radiation, high temperature operation of men, combined prepubertal testicular cold cheek vein inflammation, long-term consumption of crude cottonseed oil, etc., can cause reduced testicular atrophy.

True shortness of acquired disorders of testicular androgen secretion of normal function, sex chromosomes are normal, the main obstacle is caused by infertility sperm production, but does not affect the development of reproductive organs and secondary sexual characteristics does not affect the normal libido and sexual function.

True men of acquired short penis syndrome, after treatment or to avoid injury, the work of testicular function, it is possible to gradually be restored.

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