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The reasons for premature ejaculation

Updated: Saturday, Feb 27,2010, 4:33:05 PM
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1, psychological factors

Such men with premature ejaculation can also be referred to as psychogenic premature ejaculation, male premature ejaculation caused many aspects of the spiritual factors.

It should be noted is that the men on the sex life of this tension will always continue, and will not be because of sexual life which immediately cause changes in the environment changes, while long-term failure of the sexual life of reaction will occur, resulting in a vicious circle in patients with psychological .

2, organic lesion

Many men, the disease will cause the male ejaculation excitability is low and is more prone to ejaculation, such as urethritis, Vesiculitis, prostatitis and other inflammatory.

3, for other reasons

Male penis foreskin is too long, tight-fitting underwear glans overstimulation can lead to premature ejaculation males were found.

Premature ejaculation a variety of reasons, but can be grouped into two categories:

(1), because of mental factors (psychogenic): In the premature ejaculation for more than 80% of patients by mental factors. Nadels on (1978) report, psychogenic accounted for 85% of patients with premature ejaculation. For example, the long-awaited reunion, wedding honeymoon, over-excitement or tension, excessive fatigue, depressed mood, alcohol, the sexual intercourse is not festival, husband and wife relationship is not harmonious, the husband to his wife, potential hostility, resentment and anger, or excessive fear of his wife, worship, there is low self-esteem and psychological factors that are induced by premature ejaculation. Common psychogenic for the following reasons, some people have sexual intercourse tenterhooks, fearing ejaculation too early, causing his wife, dissatisfied; some people out of sex knowledge, misunderstanding, unwarranted suspicion that their sexuality is low, sexual intercourse always Zican inferiority complex, this situation was particularly prevalent in those who think that their penis short or think physical weak people. Marital relations are not harmonious, such as his wife's suspicions, jealousy, or too much respect for them, can lead to premature ejaculation. Some people over-emphasis on sex life, expect too much, or have had the occasional one or two too worried about premature ejaculation, it may increase the psychological burden, the formation of tension, premature ejaculation, more intense, to continue the vicious cycle of premature ejaculation, premature ejaculation Ershi fixed. Between husband and wife wedding night first sexual life, excitement, nervous high degree of excitement, the groom may have just come into contact with the genitals or when the penis into the vagina just happened ejaculation, as well as the long-awaited reunion of husband and wife, sexual excitement quickly, the man appeared early ejaculation some, these cases can not be diagnosed as having premature ejaculation. As the husband and wife live together, and gradually will be normal and no treatment. Too much sex marriage, psychological stress, emotional over-excitement or fear of failure of ejaculation fast Ershi sexual intercourse. Physical fatigue, energy shortage, but also allows the central control of ejaculation, diminished capacity. Neurasthenia, when reduced capacity due to inhibition of the brain, premature ejaculation may also occur.

(2) organic diseases: for example, external genitalia congenital malformations, phimosis, glans or foreskin inflammation, urethritis, penile inflammation, multiple sclerosis, spinal cord tumors, cerebrovascular accident, epididymitis, chronic prostatitis, etc. can be affect the spinal reflex center, causing premature ejaculation. . A systemic disease, physical weakness, but also can make sexual dysfunction, premature ejaculation occurs.

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