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The reasons for male urethritis

Updated: Monday, Nov 16,2009, 2:50:45 PM
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Male urethritis can be analyzed from the following reasons:

1, treatment options inappropriate for the resistance of Neisseria gonorrhoeae;

2, re-infection, sexual partners, without treatment;

3, the patient fails to doctor's orders medication, alcohol and spicy food can affect the efficacy;

4, only to give a kind of pathogen drug resistance, ignoring the mixed infections, for example, merging, or mycoplasma infection Chlamydia trachomatis but have not been treated;

5, urethritis caused by trichomonas;

6, certain bacterial infections cause non-specific urethritis;

7, can be due to the decline of local resistance led to prostatitis;

8, urethral mucosal inflammatory damage, such as edema, hyperplasia yet to return, or local nerve by traction, the symptoms can occur.


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