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The reason of male non bacterial prostatitis

Updated: Tuesday, Sep 08,2015, 4:29:49 PM
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Non bacterial prostatitis is generally by life bad habits through the months and years, for the male body cause potential damage caused by, as a kind of prostatitis, although non bacterial prostate is relatively easier to treat, but the disease still can bring serious distress to the patients, the disease at the same time to bring the body damage is inevitable.

Friend of a lot of men smoking habits, cigarette nicotine, tar, nitrite amine, carbon monoxide and other toxic substances, not only can directly poison prostate tissue and vascular nerve function can interfere to control, affect the prostate blood circulation can also be aggravating prostate congests, cause of non bacterial prostatitis.

Smoking is not necessarily a drain, usually seen in the so-called "a drink on the red" phenomenon is the result of the expansion of alcohol, the appearance of the internal organs, the alcohol expansion of blood vessels caused by organ congestion is also obvious, of course, is no exception, many non bacterial prostatitis patients are due to long-term drinking, and even alcohol. So alcohol is also a bad habit of non bacterial prostatitis.

The enemy of spicy food is the prostate, such as green onions, raw garlic, chili, pepper and other spicy food will cause blood vessels to dilate and organ congestion, resulting in non bacterial prostatitis. Some suffer from prostatitis patients eat spicy food habits, often disease symptom is heavier in the can control, but symptoms remission and relapse, which is caused by the bad habit of non bacterial prostatitis is one of the important factors.

The above is in daily life easy to induce non bacterial prostatitis bad life habit, male friends must pay attention to their physical health, the control of these things, can effectively prevent non bacterial prostatitis.

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