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The four common foreskin balanitis

Updated: Friday, Mar 05,2010, 4:17:50 PM
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(1) acute superficial balanoposthitis the beginning, when partial flushing, the penis skin redness, swelling, burning and itching has consciously glans feeling. Opening the foreskin can be seen inside the foreskin and the glans hyperemia erosion, there is exudate, and even bleeding. Secondary infection can see a small ulcer, there are foul-smelling milky purulent secretions. Such as the friction with underwear that is a sense of pain, patients are often the activities of the inconvenience. May be accompanied by inguinal lymph node swelling and tenderness.

(2) annular ulceration balanoposthitis in the glans penis and foreskin, the visible erythema gradually expanded to a ring, can form superficial ulcers.

(3) Candida albicans Balanitis foreskin and glans erythema can be seen, the surface smooth and has a small herpes simplex, redness of the edges more clearly, when acute erosion, exudate.

(4), trichomoniasis balanoposthitis glans papules and erythema beginning, gradually expanded to the edge of a clear, visible red spot the size of a small pinhead blisters, resulting eventually in surface erosion.

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