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The daily attention of chronic prostatitis

Updated: Saturday, Feb 27,2010, 5:17:43 PM
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Prostatitis symptoms is not very clear, as long as the patients improve their living habits, is entirely possible to heal. For some serious, in the treatment process, first make it clear the purpose of treatment and aseptic treatment of prostatitis main purpose is to relieve symptoms, not cure the cause, because most patients the cause is not clear, nor should target on making the tests are entirely normal; symptoms of severe cases, complete elimination of symptoms is not easy, but can be significantly mitigated; remnants of the lighter to further ease the symptoms would be more slow, look no severe effects were significant. We must be clear, is not to count on what the near future there will be no symptoms, it is not possible.

Good habits prevention and treatment of prostatitis is also an important part. To improve the living habits, drinking, quit pepper, do not often sit, take part in more activities to divert attention; to develop some good habits; and only last medication.

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